Just a reminder that you can save $25 if you send in your forms by April first! forms availible from, along with other details.

Other events will include daily Muni fun rides, possible daily trials rides, high and long jumps, possble new “Platform jump”, possible Gap competition, trials crouse, Muni Racing, daily distance rides (or so I’v been told), track racing events, at least 3 days of indoor air conditioned gym use, and Lots of other events!


Hey Max. I guess I’ll be sending mine in too late for the discount. Am I correct in thinking that I have to be a USA member to go to NAUCC?? I mean, I was going to join it anyway, I just haven’t gotten to it yet.
Looking forward to meeting RSU folks in July.

cheers… Mojoe

I dont remember how that worked out… Ill check into that.

Get it in the mail on monday and you’ll get the discount. You do need to be a USA member, but you can send in your NAUCC registration before becoming a USA member.


Thanks Max, for reminding everyone about NAUCC. You took the words right from
my head.
The Panther Pride Unicycle Team has 19 riders going, most of which are already
registered. The last one to register was number 65.
Barb K.

hey max. Those events sound cool!
i’m very interested in the daily MUni rides, and Trials Rides. Also, the platform jump sounds cool. is that just making a platform higher and higher, and see who can jump onto it? it woulnd be cool to do it with pedal grabs too. Is the gap competition just jumping between two pallets? I did this about 1 month ago, and it’s super-fun!
I can’t wait! oh, and i’ve already registered.


umm well, I havent decided yet. I was thinking a combo of pallets for one catagory, and billboards for another. platform, not sure how it’s gonna happen yet. I was thinking of a pallet sized object that would increase in tallness like the high jump, but not sure how that would work yet.