savage seat tightener and $

hey all,
i got a savage unicycle for christmas and love it
however the seat tightener is terrible.
i will start pogoiing and when i ride again the seat will be completely out of place.
i keep tightening it but it never works

Any Tips?

also how much do savage 24 inch unicycles go for?

Is the seatpost clamp welded to the frame? If not, you can just go and buy a better seatpost clamp (making sure it’s the right size for the seat tube). If it’s welded you may still be able to buy a better quick release bolt and lever mechanism for it, which may help you.

Others on this board may have tips about how you can improve the friction between the seatpost and the seat tube, which may help also.

Are you considering selling your existing one, or just getting another? I’m not familiar with the Savage uni brand but I get the impression it’s a fairly entry-level thing, right?

Personally I got the cheapest uni I could find - it doesn’t even have a brand name - as my first uni and I loved it and still have it and make regular use of it - I have to be careful what kind of riding I do so as not to break it (basically, I just can’t do any big drops on it, which is not a big problem) but generally it’s held up quite well.

If you’re buying a second uni, however, you might want to consider something more expensive than your first uni and specialised for the kind of riding you want to do. On the other hand, if you’re generally happy with the Savage and you’re just looking for a different wheel size to play with, that’s fine too - even a very cheap unicycle like my own can last a long time and be very useful, so long as you don’t want to do loads of drops and other stuff that needs a strong uni.

I’m surprised you are happy with the savage unicycle, the seat specifically. The savage seat is probably the most uncomfortable seat you can get. I’d recommend doing what Mark said and step it up a bit for your next uni if you can afford to. Its definitely worth taking your time and saving up for because you won’t regret it - really anything is better than the savage seat.

I have a really old Savage Giraffe unicycle and it has one of those seats. I shudder just thinking about it.

i love it but it doesnt have a savage saddle
i bought it for $150 witha viscount saddle on it
was it a good deal or did i get ripped off?

and now im saving up for a nimbus 24" muni isis hub

You got ripped off. The Torker LX is a significantly better uni and it can be had for around $90. Sorry to break it to you. :frowning:

i thought so
we got it froma local bike shop and i looked up savage unicycles but i couldnt find the 24" one
so is it a good idea if i get a nimbus muni 24" isis hub
i do trials but i like the 24 inch wheel better than 20" and i might do some muniing

yer its a great idea and if your thinking
about trying more extreme riding you can upgrade to
the moment cranks:D