Savage resurrection...

After my frame broke on my savage 20-inch (split up the fork where the bearings are attached and is no longer stable enough to attach the wheel and cranks) it has just been sitting in my room making me feel sad.

I really want to get back to riding trials on a twenty inch wheel, but with the recent purchase of sixsixones, a 512 mb memory upgrade on my digital camera and various other expenses (and no summer job to back myself up) it is safe to say I lack the 400+ dollars it would take me to get the Kris Holm 20-inch trails cycle that I really desire.

As much as I hate to admit it the summer is almost half over and I want to get as much unicycling as I can in while I still have full days free of everything.

Before it’s demise, I got a new saddle, tire, and pedals for the savage, so now all I need is a frame, new cranks, and eventually a new rim. No one sells savages anymore and I have no idea what size bearings or seat post came with my lovely unicycle. Can anyone help me out with specs. and suggestions for upgrading? Could I get a Kris Holm 20-inch frame without buying a whole new wheel set? please help!

You can buy one off here:

Unfortunately they’re out of stock. Maybe try the uk one? :slight_smile:

Does anyone know how well torker, um, I think cx unicycles do for trials?



What exactly are you saying noooooooo to?


My guess would be the noooooooooo was directed at the torker question… but who knows?

Yeah, Torker CX is a unicycle to be avoided. My understanding now (though not my doing in the past) is that the extra 20 or 30 bucks is worth it to get the LX.

My brother has done quite a bit of trials on his CX, and it has held up pretty well. Untimately, he twisted his rim, as I did to my CX.

The LX is prettier, and has a better saddle. If you could score a 20" DX, that would hold up real well for trials. The tire is .375" skinnier than standard trials tires, but I think it’ll work for ya.

But, since it sounds like you’ve blown all your money on other stuff, I think you should get whatever you can. Get a 20" and treat it nice, eh?

we stays away from the torkers if we wants to take any real drops, or they breaks on us, and makes us feel sad…


Anything breaks if you don’t know how to land a drop. Considering you’re used to a Savage, a Torker would be an upgrade. If you could get an LX, that’s be a real nice upgrade at that