Saturday's Muni Report...

OMG! Another early am muni ride (6am start) took us to new “heights”, as me, Jim and new rider Dave, (sporting his home made 26" muni!) tackled “Five Oaks”, which is a toatally new trail for me and Jim. It started with a 1/4 mile steep hike to the toppermost point of the entire area, which is expansive! The DH trail was a mix of winding, luge-type single track, rocky sections with formidable ledge drops, and even some Moab-like slick rock. Also quite steep most of the way down. Oh, and I forgot to add, THE HUMIDITY WAS A PUNISHING, UNRELENTING 90-100%! :astonished:

It was also at least 80 degrees by 6:30am! In a very short time we were soaked to the bone to the point that I felt like I was wearing a wetsuit. Of course, the effect was amplified by wearing my usual full compliment of protective armour!

Also, it was misting the whole time and therefore my video camera was rendered USELESS! Bummer! The drizzle had the unfortnate result of mixing with the sandy, sometimes loose terrain, making the already difficult sections slippery, and all the more treacherous! By the time we finished five oaks, we decided to take a less-travelled trail (no “bikes” allowed!) as a kindof detour to our next challenge: The long ride/hike up Cholla, where we would finally intersect with “Rockit”. On our way up cholla, (Our usual starting point) I tripped and fell smack dab into/ONTO a cactus bed of “prickly pear!” OUCH! :angry: I looked like I’d just had a session of accupuncture! (I’m still picking quills out of my backside!)

So we decended down Rockit, which is very technical and mostly rocky all the way down, (hence the name) then hooked into Cayote Canyon, where we made our way back to the beginning point. I had no idea a person could sweat so much! Luckily, at least for me, I had a change of clothes in my car, which came in handy as the three of us decided (after our 3+ hour ride) to meet up for breakfast at the “Original Pancake House”…not to be confused with IHOP! A great way to top off our Muni adventure! I just wish my camera hadn’t konked out on me when I needed it! :smiley:

Sounds like a miserably, exhausting, very fun morning. :smiley:

this makes me sad I couldn’t come:( /sad me

That is really a perfect description!:stuck_out_tongue: