Saturday Night Riding.. UniNats 09' (Sam, Joe, Chris, Nafe)

I put this vid together today cause I thought it would be a waste if no-one saw some of these drunken bogans for themselves. the reason chris has the biggest part in this vid is cause he’s the only one that gave these yobos some time. this was the real aussie uninats!
sorry for the sh!t quality vimeo was giving me the poos. I’ll put a good quality version on soon it’s alot more enjoyable to watch.
but till then don’t watch it on full screen, it ain’t worth it!
this video has barely any riding in it but I still find it really entertaining Enjoy!

was that in the mall,there was some pretty god trials spot in there.

LOL!!! Those chicks freeeaked. Don’t even remember that haha.

Awesome inside jokes at the end :stuck_out_tongue: Anyone that went on the ride and dosn’t explode with laughter, I’ll be shocked.

hope this one looks better otherwise it would have been a great waste of time.

Rule #3 was the best! :smiley:

Decent movie… conclusion was… odd?

Inside joke

rule #2, definitely my favorite.

good video.:stuck_out_tongue:

ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAAA!!! I was going to show my girlfriend this untill i saw the part at the end :stuck_out_tongue: i dont think that she would really appreciate it! far out that was hilarious! you should of put the 9 set handrail with the grind protectors on though :smiley: has anyone else got uninats vids up yet that you guys know of? hahahahahahaha still laughing…

Funny but I want to see some actual riding! Where is that 16 set handrail?

I was saving it for something but not I don’t even care.

Just bug matty to make a vid and hopefully he’ll get to it eventually.

same reason i didn’t put the grind protected rail in, thats a classic clip definately worth putting in a ‘good’ video.
considering how much i filmed on that weekend i barely got any decent footage. i only found that really fast treflip that i did when i was making this video. to be honest it wasn’t even the same night i’m wearing a different shirt.

matty better make a video soon!!!

Loved it. Can’t wait for Matt’s vid too.

haha I’ll upload the footage from the other night session, the one with those 2 guys n the police:p

sweet :stuck_out_tongue:

you actaully videod the guy who said the girls will rub their pussies all over our faces didn’t ya?

omg… did u seriously get it???

kevin did but only audio lol.He didnt wanna make it too obvious

Bhahahahhahaahahhahahahhahahahahahhahahahhah the conclusion was great. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah man I got it all, I’ll upload it tomorrow.

Got some pretty bad language :stuck_out_tongue:

Best parts are towards the end.