Saturday Muni at "Rockit" at 2pm

If anyone in the greater OC area, or anyone else who wants to make the drive, Me and Devin (revolution) would like to have you along for the ride! We are riding Muni at Aliso Viejo this Saturday at 2pm. The trails will be Cholla/Rockit/Cayote Canyon. This is a regular venue of Jim (jrdugueod) and me for the past 6 months or so. You can see specifics about the trail here:

PM me if you’d like to join us or have any questions.

Ankle is feeling pretty good, how about 1 pm instead. It gets dark really early.

Great to hear you’re better! I really prefer a 2pm start…that’ll give us three solid hours! :slight_smile: Besides the fact that Devin has to make the drive out from Temecula, and also suggested 2pm, I have a couple of appointments so I can’t leave 'till about 1.

Alright dude, Josh and I are probably heading down. We’ll probably get there early so we can lay down an honest day’s work. It the trailhead easy to find??


Take 405 S to the 73 head south and take the Glenwood offramp and turn right (which will then be Pacific Park dr.) Go about 1/4 miles to Canyon Vistas and turn right. Take that to the bottom of the hill where you’ll see the park entrance on the left. Start on the paved bike path on the far right until you get to the trailhead. We usually take Cholla up and over to either Lynx (first tech trail on the left), or stair stepper (watch for the trail marker on the right) Or Rock-it trail-the third trail on the left. This is the one we’ll be riding tomorrow. Both lynx and rock-it lead down to Cayote canyon which is a nice ride back to the starting point. Stair stepper is down and hike back up. We’ll be starting our ride around 1:45-2pm.

Hey, Terry:

Give me your cell number in case we get lost. I’m at:

Josh and I are coming but I have to do a shoot tomorrow at noon at UC Fullerton (baseball) but soon as I get things set up I’ll bolt.


I’ll totally come too. My foot’s pretty much all better too.

Cool! So far that makes…hmmm…six of us!:smiley: Bring a vidcam if you have one!

I would come but I’m not in the mood for a slow muni ride an saturday.

“slow?” Not with John Long and Josh! But me, Jim, Tod and Devin aren’t exactly speed demons, but we are attacking lines more aggressively now. Besides, we’re not in a hurry; just having fun and getting good footage!:smiley:

I jsut found out I’m doing world cup on saturday, so I’m out anyway.

You’ll be at one, two or all three days of the LA muni weekend? I’ll be there at least for sunday’s ride at Devil’s slide slash G-Spot.


world cup is the







Agree! :sunglasses: (Devil’s slide that is!)