Saturday, June 21st RTL Lodging

As many of you Ride The Lobster participates know, lodging is not supplied for the Saturday after the race (June 21st). We have the option of reserving a dorm bed for that night for like $28/person. First I was wondering how many people are going to be doing this option as I’d prefer to be with everyone else celebrating and all that.

Second, I was wondering if anyone would be willing to share a room with me because it costs $45 per person for single rooms. And all of my teamates will either be leaving Saturday or already have their lodging with their significant other. Please let me know ASAP so we can figure it out and reserve the beds we need. I’m a pretty laid back easy going person that should get along with anyone! Or if you aren’t planning on staying in the dorms, rather a hotel, maybe I could even crash on the floor or a rollaway bed or something?!

I already reserved a dorm bed at the college Saturday night and was told that they couldn’t guarantee who would share the room with me. I don’t mind if you want to ask them to put you in the same room as me.

I don’t think Team Goonies has a place on Saturday night yet, so maybe we can work something out with you and get a cheap room. I don’t think most of us really care about sharing a room or sleeping on the floor either. Let me ask Joe, Spencer, and Steph about what they think or had in mind for Saturday, but I think we could work something out. Have you looked into the hotel rates as well? $28 a person for a dorm bed seems steep where as having 5 people cram into a hotel room might even be cheaper.

Also how many dorm beds are in a room at Baddeck? If there are 4 beds in a room we might already have too many people to share a room, but if there are 5 or 6 beds in rooms with cheaper rates then it is obviously for the best to cram people together. I really haven’t looked into the lodging for the days before or after the race yet, I need to get on it!

I was told the $28 includes breakfast too!

Kind of wondering what time the festivities will end actually.

If everyone is planning to stay up till about 2-3am, then my team might not even get accommodation since we plan to leave Baddeck early Sunday morning.

28$ a night isn’t that much if it’s including breakfast. Although maybe that’s cos I’m coming from a UK point of view; with the current exchange rate, that’d be a pretty cheap night in the UK.

I’m in favour of staying in the place where the piss-up is, because it’s always easier to only have to walk a few hundred metres to collapse, rather than having to get ourselves to some other place. I suspect my legs will be quite tired.


Cr@p! How come I didn’t hear about this?

I’m assuming you guys are talking about Halifax? …or is this in Baddeck?

I was hoping to spend the weekend after RTL in Halifax… partly because the only way I know how to get back to Halifax is with my team members Saturday morning.

But if you guys have other plans, let me know. I gotta fly out of Halifax early Monday morning, and would love to hang out until then.

This is at the Gaelic College near Baddeck. I’m not going directly back to Halifax, so I can’t offer you a ride. But I imagine you could find a ride with someone.

i thought there was going to be a big party in Baddeck on sat night. Or, is everyone going back to halifax on saturday morning to return the cars?


yeah I understood saturday night was pissup night too. At the Gaelic College, where this accommodation people are talking about is I think. Said something about it in one of the rtl emails I’m sure.

I’m flying out from Halifax late Sunday night, dunno quite how I’m getting back to Halifax yet.


We’re (Personal Rollercoaster & crew are) partying in Baddeck Saturday night, driving back home Sunday. Should be a blast!

Jacquie and I are driving back to Halifax on Sunday morning for Sunday afternoon flights. We should have plenty of room. We picked out a nice hotel in Baddeck, the only place we get to spend two nights in the same place. It’s small and not-cheap.

Insider tip: Baddeck is pronnounced with the accent on the “deck.” BuhDECK. Like that.

The RTL schedule document is located here:
For saturday in Baddeck it still says: “Dinner/Gala - to be determined, price to be determined” Place also, I guess, but Baddeck will be the place to be if you don’t have to leave earlier! Check the schedule document as it probably gets updated as new information is available.

John, I also need a ride to Halifax on Sunday as my flight leaves at 5:30pm. Could I “reserve” a spot in your car if you have room? Also, is there a link to that document anywhere on the RTL website? I couldn’t find it and when I’m not on my home computer I always have a tough time finding that link.

Some of my team and I will be staying and partying in Baddeck for Saturday night!! I would guess that the people that aren’t leaving on Saturday will more than likely be staying in Baddeck?!

OK, I will call and try and reserve a bed and ask for you as a roomate if possible. What’s your name? Seems like I should know you but can’t think of it…

cool; it looks like me + Louise will be there saturday night.

we don’t have any places reserved to stay yet, and i think we are playing it by ear (but i haven’t confirmed it).

we may end up extending our rental car for two days (saturday day/afternoon and sunday day/afternoon to allow a full driving day back.). I’m checking with my other team mate, Aj, first.


that’s my other team mate! Kevin chang, Ride The Lobster - The Race


Thanks for the offer but I think I’m gonna try and stay in the dorms where I think most other people will be. But if you find a hotel that would be cheaper than $28 let me know and I might consider it!

I think the rooms have anywhere from 4 to like 8 beds per room?

Thanks. I should have known that as I’ve met him several times just couldn’t figure out his username…

Shouldn’t be a problem, I’ll just have to run it past Jacquie and make sure there are no conflicts. Our other two team members are heading off in opposite directions on Saturday, and possibly Maestro will join us, but it looks like there may be more cars heading to Halifax on Sunday as well, so it should be pretty easy. It’s a minivan afterall; room for at least 4 or 5 (depending how the 2nd row is set up) and all our gear!

Awesome John! See you in like 8 days!!!