Saturday 03-19-05 Muni-Ride in San Antonio

On Saturday 03-19-05 . . .
I’d like to tour San Antonio’s most challenging trails!

Hopefully, SteveOwe, SWallis, and some others can give me a tour of the local trails. I’d like to get in 7-10 miles.
Also, it would be nice if someone could allow me to take a quick shower after the ride.
Onefiftyfour is considering coming down on Saturday also (but currently has a brutal injury to the hand).

The current forecast is “few showers” - but the forecast has been a bit “off” lately. I will be up for riding rain or shine.
Please let me know if you are interested in joining the ride, and I will update you on the itinerary.

Love to have you in our fine city. We found some great new trails last night, so our options keep growing! Rain or shine we can find something to ride. Shower would be no problem, I am sure that your would be welcome at any of our humble abodes(sp?)!
Are you going to be in town Friday night? Need a place to stay? We can work that out if you need it.

We should have a good group to ride with…

Lasty night Krashin Kenny took Steve and I to 700 acres and it is now reborn…the place was a blast. And the three good spots we have are all different from each other so San Antonio will be very diverse. As for a shower I live only about 5-10 mins away from 700 acres so if we all go there my place is up for you, love to have ya here. If it rains we have a local gym that we can play in or downtown has a ton of playin stuff.

Here’s one more offer:D
We can actually ride all 3 places on Saturday. It all depends on the weather. I’d prefer an early start (9 or 10). Fortunately, Scott lives by O.P. Park, Steve lives by McAllister and I live near 700 Acres, so we can all check the trail conditions Thursday or Friday and let you know how they are before you make the trip. Some of the areas can get qute nasty after a good rain:(

TMI: My birthday is this week (03-17) and to celebrate, I upgraded my unicycle and am making the trip to San Antonio. It seems as though the hospitality level is notably higher there. A friend (journalist) who I met while on the trails in Austin has invited me down (along with several San Antonio riders) which should make it an awesome weekend! Friday, I plan to get there, party some, sleep.

Saturday, I would like to tour the most challenging trails in the area. The reason I keep mentioning “challenging” is because often times Austin riders recommend an intermediate trail called “Wallnut Creek” whereas, I like to “give people their money’s worth” by taking them to a trail that will teach the rider a new skill or two :slight_smile: We have some “Northshore-like” trails here that get very little riding. To give an example, we have one trail that is like the dirt jumps in
the Paul Basigotia video but on a steep hillside! There are some “non-trails” hidden out here that would (hopefully) validate the use of a brake. If San Antonio riders come here, I’d be honored to give a tour of most of the trails (even Wallnut Creek is a blast if the entire 10.5 mile loop is travelled UMX style). Off the top of my head, I can think of a good 60 miles of trail - and that’s just the single track and excluding the trail mentioned above.

I’m not a great rider, but I get enjoyment and improve simply by riding trails that aren’t.
So . . . “Bring it on San Antonio!”

I wish I could come!

so pack your gear and lets go riding!

Don’t worry, I’m OLD and as long as I’m there, we’ll keep it somewhat sane!:smiley:

Um . . . this is the post where I admit that I have no contact info / locations.
Please PM me with enough to oriented once I am down there.

I think we should start with O.P. Saturday morning @ 9, then we can see how everybody feels before we hit some of the other locales. Sort of just play it by ear after the first ride. How’s that sound?


  1. Onefiftyfour (Eric L.) is going to be there Saturday!!! Watch his amazing climbing abilities - he had the fastest unicycle time on the King of Jester Hill Race - all of the other riders fell off their unicycles. See him ride through his current pain: a partially missing digit. Definately an event YOU don’t want to miss!

  2. My journalist friend wants to borrow a mountain bike and come along. He said that he may do an article on extreme off-road unicycling. I mentioned that San Antonio seems to be growing in the sport faster than anywhere else (especially when 20" riders are omitted from other places) and that there should be about 5 riders or so there (much more than a non-rider typically sees). He is pretty sure that he can aquire a mountain bike through his friends, but as a backup plan, it would be great if someone in San Antonio would make an offer in case he fails to get one. Any bike that can cruise the terrain would be sufficient.

  3. Friday night, we’re considering drinking and riding in San Antonio. (Last time I did that I couldn’t understand why I had no hopping ability). Saturday night, we’re thinking about either going to a reggae concert (SXSW is this weekend?) or doing a night ride through the crowd here in Austin in case anyone is interested.

I’ve got a couple of mtb’s that he can borrow. How tall is your friend, so I can figure out which size he’ll need?

Yes you are right… Erics climbing ability was amazing. Does anyone have Erics home address? Thats right, he did live at the top of the hill right? Nothing like practicing and competing in your own back yard.
He is a hill climbing machine, but wait till next year…

I just hope that he and his missing digit can make it to SA for a fun ride with a big group of people. The more riders, the more fun we can have!

OP at nine am:

O.P. Schnabel - 9606 Bandera 78240

McAllister - 13102 Jones-Maltsberger 78247

Y’all have fun, pedal once round for me.

Man, I wish you could come along:(

Drew, what time are you going to be in SA? Happy birthday! See you at OP at 9:00. my cell is 825-1433. Call if you get lost! Big day tomorrow and should be a fair turnout!

Here is some of the video… I would like to get a copy of some of your photos when you guys get a chance!

. First, I would like to thank the riders in San Antonio for their hospitality. They bought lunch, filmed, put up with my haggling, helped me repair my seat (which took an hour or more) , and many other things that made the adventure extremely enjoyable. Thanks SWallis, SteveOwe, Krashin’Kenny!

. I am now the proud owner of the 3 year old SWallis (Gemcrest) seat cover! My Gemcrest cover torn in many places from hitting the ground and simply riding. Didn’t last long at all. Anyway, I promise to only ride the SWallis seat cover off-road to preserve it for historical purposes. :slight_smile:

. My carbon fiber frame can be twisted - it flexes. I bought it from Darren Bedford (and I assume it is the same that sells). I had the opportunity to examine the SWallis carbon fiber frame. Apples and Oranges. The SWallis carbon fiber frame does NOT flex, is just as light and has many contours. I recommend them over other frames. I hope one day he’ll make a version that doesn’t require the special seat post.

. I want to verify that many things in the video look like “a joke.” Remeber the thread where SteveOwe asked for tips on making that drop. Well, when I saw the video, I assumed that the drop was 1’ high, and landing on a very mild grade. I assumed that I would be able to ride up to it and shifty off of it on my first try.
The real drop is like dropping off of 4-5 pallets and riding 30 stairs. I tried to put my unicycle in the shot on some of it to show perspective. Traction was a problem - and Steve was right, a bit of moisture WOULD have helped things a bit. My guess is that it is 30-50 feet tall.

. I’m wondering why the footage of a biker launching off of the drop and rolling the back wheel off SteveOwe’s head was excluded . . . … :))

. Seeing the video of the days’ riding leaves me feeling almost embarrassed. For example, when I was using all of those corrective hops and still failed to make that climb in the video - it’s actually steep. Stuff that took nerve, patience and skill in reality looks like stuff I should be able to roll first try. Some things that were filmed with only 1 or 2 riders was actually challenging enough to keep others from trying it.

. If the stuff I am doing looks easy, then the stuff that looks hard (like the Irene/Kris Holm video footage) shows lines I would consider impossible. Perhaps that is why there isn’t very much off-road footage/24" work.

. My guess is that videos should be shot from farther away.

. We are planning to do an Austin ride in 2 weeks. We will be doing the technical stuff (Emma Long, 360 Bridge and possibly Hill of Life or Toys R’ Us). This time we’ll zoom out a bit. :slight_smile:

. I had a great time and I’m eager to go back and ride the more technical trails and spend more time in San Antonio - where off-road riding is booming!

Saturday morning was a good ride, and it looks like the rest of you had fun in the afternoon also.
Steve was his usual “I will try anything, several times” self. He had some more very video-worthy crashes when we did not have the camera rolling.
Eric climbed and descended in his usual smooth style and it was great to have him come down to ride with us again.
Hymo did great on his first off-road ride. Sorry my “shortcut” separated us from Kenny and Hymo for much of the ride.
Drew is a hopping maniac. Some of the hills he pecked his way up really were extremely steep and rough. We do need to work on our filming technique, but anyone who has seen themselves ride on video tends to be less critical when watching video of others, as Drew learned.
I was pretty grumpy about having to ride carefully with an injury, which seems to be too common for me lately. At least I can still spin a little. :smiley:
Sorry a lot of the other guys couldn’t make it, but we will do it again.


I’m glad you got to meet “some of guys”. It was good to get a chance to ride with ya’. Sorry I had to “disappear” for a while at O.P., but Fish needed some time to adjust on his first “off road” ride. He did really well considering it was his first ride on a 3" tire, (a borrowed Muni), and his first experience with riding in the dirt!!!
5 1/2 miles was quite impressive for a first timer:D