saskatchewan MUnis?

nobody is from saksatchewan? :frowning:


Try looking here.

thanks :smiley:

Hi drewation,

I’m from Saskatchewan! I’m from North Battleford, but I’m currently living in Edmonton, AB.

Once this summer, back home for a holiday, I went in to Saskatoon for a couple of days. I’m a muni and trials rider, and before I went to Saskatoon I looked around on the net to see if I could find any riders who lived in Saskatoon, but had to no luck; so I ended up riding some of the river valley trails by myself. They were ok, but it was pouring rain, so some sections were quite tough. It was my first time riding in Saskatoon.


Hey man, I live in saskatchewan…acculy saskatoon at that! Hey, whats this? I CAN SEE YOUR HOUSE FROM MY WINDOW!
Lol…anyway, so Dale Nicholas, next time ur in the city, give me a call, 477-1730 and we can show you the spots. Anybody else?

Yes, thank you. I will do that. I’m not sure when the next time is that I’ll be in Saskatoon, but I’ll save your number.


aight, and just wondering how many unicyclist are there in North B.?

t.k. what do you mjean? :thinking:

How many unicyclist are there in North Battleford.