Sarasota riders???

Last week I was on vacation down in Venice, Florida. We were up in Sarasota one night and saw a group of about four unicyclists and one or two mountain bikers riding around Island Park down by the harbor.
I was wondering if it was anybody from this forum/newsgroup? I tried to make my way over to talk to you (I spotted you from the other side of the marina) but by the time I got over there you had moved on.
It was last Thursday (April 17th) around dusk.

It was cool to see that going on, where I live I never see anybody but myself riding, it just hasn’t caught on yet in the Carolinas.

Hi zod,
I was one of the four you saw. I was also visiting Sarasota and my son and I hooked up with forum members Adam “AccordNSX” and John “billnye”, both great guys.
Adam started a thread titled “Floridaverse” and posted a few photos from the end of the night. The guy on the bike was just some local kid who rode along for a while asking us questions.
It’s too bad that we didn’t meet up, we had a great time. I get up that way often and we’ll plan many more Sarasota rides, I’m sure.


I figured it would be somebody from the forums!

We saw ya’ll again when we were back on the road driving back to Venice, you were just leaving the sidewalk to cut through some grass into a small parking lot or driveway…my wife hung here head out the window of the suburban and yelled at you guys (she’s a little goofy) :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyhow I am down that way every spring so next year I’ll have to hook up with the FL crew for some riding. I just started riding about 3 months ago so I am still just learning. I can ride without falling now, ride on rough terrain etc…but can’t really do any trials or freestyle type stuff YET.

However by next spring I should have my crap together :slight_smile:

I definately rember the screaming wife of yours! It’s a shame you didn’t catch up with us, you missed out on one hell of a ride! beeull and myself ride in Sarasota frequently, once or twice a week. We also spend some time in Venice near the beach and all the shops, down on Fort Myers Beach, and in down-town Punta Gorda. Definately try to hook up with us for the next time you come down, we love the company.

Thanks for the invite, I’ll definitly let you know next time I am coming that way, it’ll probably be next spring around this same time…


Talk about bumping an old thread… :wink:

I am going to be in Venice Fl. the first week in April if AccordNSX or any of the other locals would like to do an urban ride one day or evening that week…


Will you be there on a weekend? I live in Ft. Lauderdale so I have to plan ahead. AccordNSX has moved to Orlando but with some notice, he may be able to get down. John (billnye) doesn’t post much anymore, but he’s still in Sarasota and still riding.
As the date draws nearer we’ll see if we can make things happen.

Use the PM’s.

  • Frank

I’ll check into it at work, but I should be able to swing these. I can definately get in a Friday or Saturday ride, not so sure on the Sunday thing. I’ll keep you guys up to date. Hopefully I can get a few of the other locals to join in.

I will be getting in town Sat April 3rd at night and leaving Sat April 10th in the morning hours…

So it looks like either Sunday April 4th or Friday April 9th…of course I’m on vacation so I could do any weekday as well but I know that won’t work for ya’ll…
If we can’t get anything hooked up it’s no big deal, I’m down there every year anyhow, we’ll just make it work another time!

another old thread bump, but my sister lives in sarasota, i would like to ride with some people so next time your going pm me,
also this is a thread jack, but have you ever eaten in diannes cafe? its really good and my sisters mom in law owns it, you should go there

We plan at some time to go florida keys for 2 weeks and i might bring me muni if anyone interested in a ride. no planned date yet.

Dianne’s Cafe on 53rd St, between 301 and I75? I used to eat there in the mornings on the way to work.

I’m still in the Sarasota-ish area, and would be up for a ride some time; evenings and weekends. We might even be able to drag A[dam]ccordNSX up for a meet, the lazy bastid.

send PM or any other contact method,
John M

I’m down for a ride.
What about the unicyclist discount at the Diannes?