Sarasota people

Im in Sarasota, Fl right now and i would like to ride around with someone while im here. also i snapped the seat post on my kris holms today and im hoping theres a place around here that i could get a new one. So if theres anyone that wants to ride anytime or knows of a place that i can get a new seatpost reply to this thread or give me a call, my number is 608-385-4011.

I dont live anywhere close to you, but it probably would be easiest to go to and order a CroMo 27.2mm seatpost to replace the one you broke.

They are about $29 with shipping and everything.

yeah but that wouldnt help cause im only here for a week. i was hoping thered be a place around here that might have a seat post thatd work, thanks anyways


Hi I am in sarasota, you might try

Sarasota Schwinn Cyclery
3800 S Osprey Ave
Sarasota, FL

One of the mechanics there has a KH trails and they are the best stocked b*ke shop in ther area.

I ride muni on most weekdays (after work 5:30 or so to dark) at the Celery feilds Best trails in Sarasota.,-82.4332962

Will give you a call.

The trails are prety good see this thread.


Ed is a great host, letting me ride his muni for a couple evenings. The trails cover a surprisingly hilly area. Even though the area is small, the trails lace back and forth and all over the place, packing an awful lot of fun into that little park.

I had a great time with Ed in January, and left happy and tired both times we rode.

awsome! hopefully theyll have a replacement for me. and do give me a call i found some cool trails by Saralake Estates where my grandparents live but id like to try some other ones.