Sarasota Florida - Urban ride Dec 27 2009

So, it’s official. We’ll have a Sarasota in-town ride, Sunday, Dec 27.

Let’s say 11AM? Adam - can you suggest a decent place to park and meet up?

We could ride around and try various fun stuff, or just ride, depending on everyone’s riding comfort levels. Maybe we could ride up over the high bridge to St Armands Circle for lunch, or ice cream, or whatever.

Wish I could join. My Aunt and Uncle live in Siesta Key, and that’s some nice and laid back riding too…combination of back roads and riding on the beach.

Should be nice this time of year.

aw crap I was actually gonna try to come. but i can’t afford it :frowning:

DSchmitt, keep an eye on the other thread, we’re thinking about some sort of meet-up in the next few months as well.

Tom, definitely drop a line if you’re down this way visiting. I got a chance to explore a little out in your corner, and would be glad to return the favor down here :slight_smile:

John M

If riders of all levels are welcome, we might come. We were thinking of doing a unicycling-related activity on the 27th, anyway.

Perfect! I’m just psyched to ride without hat, mittens, long johns, fleece and goretex!

Be good to the guests, Stevie… you’re drawing people I haven’t ridden with yet, so don’t scare them off ;D

John M

Who, me?

Im up for a ride


Good to here from you.

Im up for a ride, unless the family pics that day to have our second Christmass,

Admin I will get your number from John.


Can someone who knows downtown Sarasota suggest a good parking lot where we can meet for this ride? Hopefully near the Sarasota side of the new bridge, for example.

The Marina

I’ve met up with John and Adam at the Marina parking lot, on the bay. I think it’s called Marina Jack’s. There’s a nice public park there.
I’m sure John can do better than I did with the explanation, hopefully he’ll chime in.

  • Frank

(howdy Frank)
I’d say that the Island Park/Marina Jack lot, at the T of Main St. and US41/Tamiami Trail/Bayfront Dr./Mound St./Whatever, is probably the most convenient parking and the most convenient meeting. The EveryTrail links I posted should start and end in the vicinity (probably down at the north end of the parking, but I’d say park anywhere you can catch a spot, and pick a meeting place… either down at that end near the kissing couple statue (hard to miss), or at the circle in front of the Island Park peninsula would make good spots.

You guys enjoy yourselves, I’ll be smiling down on you from frosty North Carolina.

John M

OK - cool. Let’s meet at 11AM on Sunday 12/27 at the “kissing statue” near the water, at the T of Main St. and US41/Tamiami Trail/Bayfront Dr./Mound St.

Who’s in?

We (myself and the DH) will probably be there. Not sure if we’ll make it the whole way (especially if we are going up a bridge), but will tag along as far as we can.


Here’s a map of Island Park:

The kissing statue is located is the NW corner of this map where the gigantic red thing is.

If you are coming or plan on coming, feel free to PM me and I’ll respond with my cell phone number in case anyone gets lost or is a late arrival.

We will spend a fair amount of time riding Island Park and the surrounding area. There are plans for a sit down lunch in downtown Sarasota or St. Armands Circle. I know Steve has his heart set on riding over that gigantic bridge. Having done it once, I am happy to carpool over the bridge for lunch. We can always leave Steve on the other side and let him ride back!

Hey everyone, and greetings from Sarasota. 60s and sunny may not seem warm to the locals, but coming from the freezing north, we’re loving it.

Re: the ride: Everybody will ride up the bridge, at least I’ll be talking it up, big-time. It’s just high enough to get your heart rate up, but not too high to be really tiring, right? And the view and feeling of accomplishment will make everyone feel like Ken Looi (Gizmoduck).

Adam - I’ll call you today sometime regarding our safety considerations.

I am all for riding to the top of the bridge and back down the side we came up. It’s riding over the bridge, having lunch, and then riding back that has me a bit worried!

Steve- I’m at work until 4pm or so. Give me a buzz after then, I had good news and just got better news!

Thanks to Levi, Natosha, Ed, Adam and Zach for the great ride around the Sarasota waterfront. Will post pics when I get home.

Lot’s of fun today, Steve. Let us know when you are in town again. It was awesome to make it up and down that bridge (twice!).

I have a place in Tampa, and am going to be down there for 5 weeks from the 17th January. Would like to meet up with other riders if there is the opportunity. (I’m not an experienced rider - I just learned to ride in March/April.)