Sarah's Birthday Hockey Tourney

Big thanks to Sarah Miller for organising last Saturday’s Hockey bash in Reading UK. (And for paying for the sports hall!)

I played in the UUU team who’d never played together before but still managed to finish second pipping the UK Unicon team in a 2nd/3rd place play-off golden goal extra time.

Horsham were the best team there winning all the games - rumour has it they practise a lot - and it shows.

The UK Unicon team will be strengthened by some missing players in time for the event.

I got to try out a new lightweight DM prototype saddle for most of the matches. I don’t know what was inside but it was very comfortable with smooth vinyl covering some secret inner and an aluminium base.

Leo White, Cheltenham

Will this prototype saddle make its way to UNICON?

leow wrote:

I asked Dave what was inside at BUC9 and he just replied “foam”, hmm, it was very soft though. I did’t get to sit on it much unfortunately.

It was the ‘Ann Summers’ cover that got the most responses though;)

Re: Sarah’s Birthday Hockey Tourney

Those results for all you goal hounds out there.

Six teams-
UK team to Unicon
Thames Valley
HuHa Horsham

UUU v Mcs 9-2
HuHa v Unicon 3-0
Thames v Mixed 9-7
Mcs v HuHa 0-17
Unicon v Thames 6-0
mixed v UUU 3-9
Unicon v Mcs 9-5
mixed v HuHa 0-13
Thames v UUU 4-17
Mixed v Unicon 0-12
mcs v Thames 3-6
UUU v HuHa 6-12

After which games HuHa had 12 pints, and UUU and Uk Unicon Team were tied
on 9 points each. Thames Valley had 6 points and mixed and Mcss had none.

So there were two short play off games to decide things. Mixed played Mcs
for the wooden spoon. Then UUU played Unicon for second place. after ten
minutes they were tied on 1-1, so extra time was entered into on a golden
goal principle. UUU scored that goal.

Hu Ha were awarded medals from Wollworths, presented by Mrs JB Smith of
Runswick , who is exactly the same hieght as the HRH Queen. her Maj who
only lives up the road was a bit to busy to pop in, so Mrs Smith stepped
in and gracoiusly agreed to help out.

All this hockey was followd by Pizza and birthday cake at barry’s house.


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"I asked Dave what was inside at BUC9 and he just replied “foam”, "

possibly closed=cell foam as opposed to the cheaper and more common open-cell foam?

Re: Sarah’s Birthday Hockey Tourney

Sarah Miller wrote:
> After which games HuHa had 12 pints,

Couldn’t they have had the 12 pints before the games, make it a bit fairer
on the rest of us? :wink:

Danny Colyer (remove safety to reply) ( )
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