Santiago Trail, Corona, CA

I may be wrong on the name but OMG! I never really knew what steep was until THIS trail! Jamie, Don, me and John met last Saturday for one of the most amazing Muni adventures I’ve had yet! Unfortunately John (Vivalargo) was and is still nursing an injured knee so he couldn’t ride, but he still managed to hike with us for the full 3.5 hour, 12 miles of rugged terrain!

Some of the sections were so insanely steep, rutted, long, and rocky, so if you were lucky enough to ride down without a upd-and we all had our share-you’d look back up at what you just came down and be in total disbelief at how it could even be ridden! Pics number 1 & 6 show (but again you have to see it in person!) one of the DH sections if you look close.

Some of this trecherous singletrack was right on the peak of the mountain ridge, with so little margin for error; you just did NOT want to fall with a sheer cliff on wither side! Anyway, I didn’t realize that I had my camera set at “vga”, the lowest resolution. So hopefully, John and Jamey will post some of their pics soon as well.





Nice :smiley:

There was a section of an illeagal trail I thought of going down that was prob almost that steep but wide like this part, not as exposed, and smoother, but about 3x’s as that section.

I would have attempted it if there were a couple trees for mounting assistance:o but didn’t because there were only flimsy bushes and it’s illeagality.

Here are a few photos all taken by John Long, our intrepid photographer, who would have preferred riding to hiking.



Two more

Cheeeerzz! Gentlemen!

Looks like great fun. Some questions. Anyone can answer.

  1. Was anyone running a brake? If so, did it help/hinder?

  2. Did the rain the previous week, soften up the soil, to help with grip or was it totally dry?

  3. Those of you who had run Elevator shaft, how does this compare to that steepness?

Great Stuff!

Ride Safe!

Terry was using a brake - it helps on smooth steep dirt. I would have saved a lot of energy if I had one on his trip, but I got a better workout!

The rain made the dirt very grippy, which made it extremely nice.

It was as steep or steeper, and much, much longer than elevator shaft. I imagine once it dries out completely it would not be as much fun to ride.

Terry, the trail is called Skyline well actually the fireroad up is called Skyline Drive and I’m calling the trail down Skyline Singletrack (and my name is spelled Jamey :wink: ).

It is a great trail and one of my new favorites. I’m going to try and ride out in the Santa Ana Mts once a week to find more like that and/or do that one again. I’ll post pictures later when I get them on my computer.

I hiked/rode some of it two days before we did the official ride and it was a lot more wet and slippery. Too slippery to ride down some sections especially with no gear on cause I thought it was just fireroads until I found the awesome singletrack. It was perfect when we rode it though.

I drew the trail on google maps and earth. If I remember right it was 4 miles up the fireroad and then 3 miles down the singletrack for a total of 7 miles. I’m still figuring out how to post it publically so anyone can see it and I might have done it so if someone has google earth, please type in “Skyline Drive, Corona, CA” and see if you can see the red and blue trails I added. If not I’ll have to do some research on how to do it. It should look like this:

That looks absolutely awesome !!! Well done. :slight_smile:

You nutters!


Yo, Jamey,

According to my watch, we trudged up that fire road for two hours and five minutes before we started the descent. Granted, with my bum knee we weren’t running but I’m prettty sure we were moving more than two miles an hour, meaning the hike up to the drop in was quite possibly closer to five miles than four. Google map does not lie so I could be totally wrong about this.

Of course since cars are allowed on the fire/approach road, this is a natural shuttle ride that will probably become one of he more popular day outing in So Cal. Next time we’ll have to shuttle and take it from the very top, which looked to add at least another mile to the overall fandango.


Yeah, but only Jamey and I did the steepest, longest DH since by that time Don was walking a lot due to an upset stomach, so he didn’t attempt the steepest stuff toward toward the last half of the DH, which was the most challenging!

On one of the last and no doubt sttepest and rutted sections that seemed to go straight down forever, my brake was on almost FULL and I was leaning waaay back to keep from still rolling out of control! Nobody with a camera was nearby to take any pics, but Jamey couldn’t believe I cleaned almost all of it, finally butting up against a rock causing me to dismount about 90% of the way down.

Someone posted a questiona bout brakes in another thread recently, asking if they were helpful at all. ABSOLUTELY in the right conditions, of which this was definitely one!:smiley:

By the way…I got a helluvam workout as well Don haha!

By the way…I got a helluvam workout as well Don haha!

Btw, I wanted to say a big thanks to Jamey for telling us about this trail it’s pretty awesome! And also to say it’s a blast riding with this terrific group of guys, and I learn a lot every time I ride with them!:smiley:

I thought it only took less than 2 hours to get up but anyhow, after tracing it on googlemaps it said about 4 miles but then again, I’m pretty sure that doesn’t take the uphill into account meaning it’s more than 4 miles. We need someone to bring a GPS system next time! Did anyone check google earth or google maps to see if my red and blue trails are on there?

BTW-After we were done riding, I went and refilled my water grabbed a bite to eat and then drove up to the top where we stopped and parked my car. Didn’t know if my mustang would make it up the fireroad but I had no problems, minus stopping and removing a few big rocks along the way. Then I rode the rest of the way to Sierra Peak. Took about an hour in a half both ways, as it was rolling hills and all fireroad. So it wasn’t too exciting and I probably wouldnt’ recommend going any farther than we did. Although on the other side of the mt. it was all burned and looking on google earth before the fire it looks like there were some singletracks along the way, but either I couldn’t find them or they were destroyed in the fire/rain.

One more thought, both Terry and Don rocked most of the steep downhill sections! Way to go! Can’t wait till John is up to par to see him do it all!

Here are some of my pics…

The gang with John showing off his sexy leg (or his injuried knee)!


Terry coming down…

Don cruising by…


The scenery…


Terry enjoying the ride!