Santa - Uni

If you’re singing “Santa-Baby, put a uni under the tree for me.” You’re in luck; Santa uni’s too.

He was seen riding a well lit Muni practicing roof to roof gaps.

I got him to slow down enough for this pic:

Santa came early here up North here ,A KH 20/KH24 and a Dyno fireball ,ya baby ya .Shreddinn it up…


Here too. I nice new Summit. But I think that is an elve you got a pic of. teeheehee If elves MUni, Santa does too.

HO HO HO HO HO HO MERRRRRRYYYYY CHRISTMAS!! YES, Tim I did get you something early. Keep shreddin it up!!

Yeppp, I sure do. I am at level five, though. Harper has been an inspiration to all, even me.

Merrrry Christmas to all!


Did anyone else notice the guy in lights is an elf? Or maybe he’s an Irish Santa Claus. But don’t worry, Santa rides too. We’ll see if my friends and I get any pictures posted soon. Three unicycling Santas, two elves, and three unicycling helpers (plus one reindeer on a bike) rode around downtown Sacramento yesterday, handing out candy canes and good cheer. That was fun!

In my excitement of witnessing a unicycle sighting from a citizen of the North Pole I mistook the white collar for Santa’s beard. Anyway, the elves have proven roof-top to roof-top gapping is very do-able so the reindeer may get some rest this year.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a new uni!

Re: Santa - Uni

Aren’t coca-cola the guys who made santa as we see him today? I believe the
original santa wore a green suit. And Santa is an elf! jeez.


Re: Re: Santa - Uni

If Santa is an elf, that means he should have pointy ears under all that hair. It’s okay if you assert that the guy in lights is Santa Claus. I just think he’s intended as an elf, because the misguided designer of the light probably thought a unicycle too “undignified” for Santa Claus. Or that he would be too out of shape to ride one? Nonsense.

The artists who did Christmas Coca-Cola ads over the years definitely had an impact on the “design” of Santa as we know him today. In different countries, St. Nicolas or Father Christmas has many looks. I believe there are several origins of the character we call Santa Claus, and his many looks are based on lots of different classical depections of him over the years.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas, or whatever holida is appropriate for you.

Santa - Uni

Santa Claus is an elf !

Want a classical reference?

Besides, anybody knows that Coca-Cola’s sit-on-my-lap-in-the-department-store-little-girl
Santa wouldn’t get one fat thigh down the chimney.

Do you know just how big reindeer are?

It’s well past Christmastide, I know, but if you want the whole story, go here:

Re: Santa - Uni

Don’t you meen, “Well past Christmastide, I know… I know- but if you want the hole story, then HERE you should go!” ?


Well… he asked for it.

It’s well past Christmastide, as we all know, but if I’d wanted the a
hole story, then HERE I’d have gone.