Santa Parade In Sarnia

So, there i was standing at the side of the road freezing my wotsits off watching the christmas parade in Sarnia, when this guy came past riding a giraffe. Pretty cool i thought, then i saw a bunch of other guys doing some cool stuff on trials machines. I’m afraid i only recognised the one guy Joel who i met at the natural trials filming in Hamilton (for Brian Mac’s dvd). Anyway well done guys, itwas a good show

hey marty, those were all Sarnia locals (joel and jordan are in LUC)

ps…i emailed you at the contact info on the cd you sent me, did you get it?

hey marty that’s cool that you made it to the parade do you have relatives in sarnia ? the guys riding with me were from our newly formed club ‘sarnia unipsychos’

Yeah Brian i got your message thanks, if there’s not much footage of the lower area on the disc then let me know and i’ll check for more, i think thats it though.
Joel, i do have family down there but we don’t go down too often, maybe that’s a good excuse to come and meet up sometime for a ride. Anyway take it easy, i’m looking forward to seeing the movie when it comes out.