Santa Cruz ride Saturday 10/30/04

Hey all you Bay Area riders, come join us for some great MUni in Santa Cruz this Saturday (10/30/04). We will be meeting at 12:30pm at the bottom of Highway 9. Post any questions you have. Here are the directions to the meeting place Corbin gave me last time:

Go south on Highway 17, and “over the hill”.
Once you get to Santa Cruz, the road forks; left is Ocean street and to the Right is Highway 9. Stay to the Right (this becomes Highway 1).

At the stop light, to the right is Highway 9; (to the left is River Street). Take a right onto Highway 9.

Go about 4 or 5 miles, and look for a big parking area on the right. It is right after a sign that says “entering Henry Cowell” area, or something like that. It is a dirt parking lot. There usually are a lot of cars there. we’ll meet there.

how hard is it

Sorry for the false hope. After several emails, it seems this Saturday’s ride isn’t going to happen. I think I’ll just do a solo ride. I’ll post again if we have a group ride.

Bummer, i have packed my baggs for the 15000 km trip. :roll_eyes:

If you wanna ride Sunday I may be in Santa Cruz on UCSC and we could trials or muni. Jason and/or Corbin might be there, too.

Thanks for the offer, but I doubt I can make it on Sunday. I play ultimate frisbee on Sundays.