Santa Cruz Muni Weekend

If you’re interested in coming to the 7th California Muni weekend, it’s in
Santa Cruz Sept 20-22. John Foss has got the website up and we have a
registration form you can fillout (online!) then print, sign, and send in to
me with your check. You’ll need the free Adobe Acrobat reader to fill in and
print the form. It will really help us if you can do this in advance - it
will waste quite a bit of time Saturday morning if everyone needs to
register on site.

We are working on detailed driving and riding instructions and maps. The
site is being updated and by the end of this week will be complete.


Acrobat reader:


Re: Santa Cruz Muni Weekend

Hey Nathan,

I’m really gonna try to make my way down with Sean. I hope to see everyone


can i come!

hey were is this unicyclinhg event cause i dont no were santa cruz iss… :thinking:

It’s about an hour south of san fransisco, CA. Sweet place for trails I hear. I have only been once and It was before I knew much about Muni. I am about 3000 miles away, tho, as much as I’d love to go… :roll_eyes: