Santa Cruz Muni ride - Saturday, Nov 27th

Jason and I are going to do a muni ride in Santa Cruz this Saturday. Anyone who would like to come is welcome to.

Just drop me an email and we’ll figure out where we are meeting, or keep an eye on this page:

cd AT bluetreesoft DOT com

Sorry, I don’t think I’ll be able to make it. I have some friends driving up from socal that this weekend and I don’t think they would be too keen on me ditching them to go riding. You guys and gals have fun!


I think I may be able to make it to that. What time are we thinking of?

hehehe i will meet you gerbel!!! i most likly will go too.:smiley:

Scratch my previous post.


that was funny…

i am 13, you can beat me up in a heart beat

I don’t fight people. Fists are for people who don’t know how to talk. Even if I did want to fight you, that still wouldn’t make me want to go.

i dont want fight you ethier…

Could he possibly be as annoying in person? Maybe you could talk some sense into him.

I can’t make this weekend. Maybe I’ll start a thread for a ride in the Sacramento area the following weekend, or the weekend after. Time for another group ride up here!