Santa Cruz / Bay area Muni Rides

Hi All,
I setup a mailing list for Santa Cruz / Bay area Muni rides (and coker, if you want). Visit:

for more info.

My mock web page is at:

Today we (11 riders) rode Mount Diablo:

Hopefully Nathan, Scot and/or John will post some pics soon too.


It was a great day for Muni today. Fog was everywhere but as we drove up Mt Diablo in the morning, we punched through into the sun. From about 2000’, the top half of the mountain was beautiful. After leaving a car at the bottom, we crammed 12 people and 11 unicycles into 2 cars and drove to just below the summit. The descent took about 3 hours, all on singletrack or fireroad. It was great but seeing so many of the young guys gliding down makes we want to finally learn how!

Here are 16 photos:


Yes to the gliding. That’s one item on my ‘Things not to do’ page that’s definitely outdated by this point.

That was a great ride. As usual, I’m a lot slower to get my pictures up where people can see them, but they’ll find their way to Smugmug eventually.

Boy are my quads & calves sore. Riding down beats up the muscles worse than riding up!

Thanks everyone for setting it up! I’m planning an Auburn-area group ride for the end of January. I’ll send out an email to the group soon.

You guys will have to do that ride again sometime when I can make it!! I’m still suck in class looking at your pics and filled with envy!

I. Can. Not. Walk.

My legs have never been this sore. Wow. It seriously pains me to walk, haha. Man… shoulda stretched better!

But it was all worth it, what a fun ride. Nice photos Corbin and Nathan!! John, I’ll be looking forward to yours!



That’s way funny. My leg’s are a little sore, but I think it isn’t all that bad since I now have a brake (as you all heard, going down the hill).

Louise is sore too…she can barely walk. So, you aren’t alone!