Santa Barbara weekend trip - preview of Cali Muni Weekend 05

I went on a trip to Santa Barbara, California this past weekend, my soon-to-be new home. This is the location of this year’s California Muni Weekend, and boy-oh-boy is a perfect place for it.

Lemme give you a little more detail about my trip:

I drove 2 and a half hours to Los Gatos (Santa Cruz) last Thursday and stayed the night with the Hoovers. They were also going to S.B., and we planned to carpool down there.

The next day we drove 5 hours to Santa Barbara and the Hoovers dropped me off at UCSB (University of California, Santa Barbara) where I met up with Eyal Aharoni. I was going to be staying with him over the weekend. The Hoovers had their own lodging arrangements with one of Nathan’s relatives. Eyal and I did some trials around UCSB along with Jason (don’t know his last name) another unicyclist/S.B. resident. Then Eyal and I went for a Muni ride on the trail Saddle Rock with Hans Van Koppen.

To ride the trail, you first have to hike up the whole thing, or ride up - although there isn’t too many areas that are rideable. Wow. It was interesting walking the trail you are about to ride since you get a full preview of what you are about to do. I was definitely excited about the ride down. There are about 5-10 steep rock sections that are some of the most knarly Muni terrain I have ever seen. Many different ways down, and perfect areas to try stuff over and over again.

Well good things only last so long… After about something like 4 or 5 sections my seatpost bit the dust. I tryed rigging it with a washer I stole from my seat’s bumper but it was no use. It was horrible since there was still SO MUCH of the trail to ride. Eventually I started riding without a seat, just holding the seatpost with both hands. It was suprisingly easier than I thought. So although my injured unicycle was a big bummer, Eyal and I had a fun time laughing the rest of the way down.

The next day was Saturday, and Eyal and I got up really early to beat the security guard to the Santa Barbara Skatepark. We had a blast messing around there… definitely are cool skatepark. Although I weigh a lot on the fact that it’s basically RIGHT on the beach. Later Eyal and I cruised up and down State St. with his girlfriend. Then we met up with the Hoovers and walked along the beach and had some frisbee fun.

Sunday a bunch of us met up for an ultra muni ride. The riders were Nathan Hoover, Beau Hoover, Scott Cooper, Hans Van Coppen, Eyal Aharoni, Phil (don’t know his last name), and myself. John Long was supposed to drive up from LA but he had a bad eye-infection. The Hikers were Megumi, Joy, Scott’s wife (what’s her name?), and a lady named Lisa I think.

Luckily I was able to borrow a muni from a local, Jason, the guy I rode with on the UCSB Campus Friday. All was well until for no reason I decided to follow Hans and drop off this stone pillar in the middle of the ride. I totally forgot I didn’t have my unicycle, and when I hit the ground, we all heard a CRACK. It was only a broken spoke, but still, it’s never good when you break something on someone else’s uni. The ride was a blast, and afterward we all went to Hans’ house for some afternoon fun.

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The CA Muni Weekend this October is going to be AMAZING. The S.B. Muni Club has been organizing everything down to the tinyest detail. Make arrangements as soon as you can to come to this event. You WON’T be SORRY! I guarantee it! Well, just kidding, it’s impossible for me to guarantee that. But nonetheless, everything is set to be an amazing weekend. I hope to see you there!

I’m told the Official muni weekend site with all the details on the event should be up VERY soon. Probably within the next week or two.



In case you were wondering, the dates for this first-ever Southern California MUni Weekend will be October 14-16. The site will be here:

Whoops, sorry I made a couple mistakes. Scot’s name only has one “T”, and that wasn’t his wife, but his ex-girlfriend. Sorry!


I was bummed I couldn’t make it up there to ride with you guys but my eye was swolen shut so I spent the whole 4th weekend riding curbs.

It’s great you’ll be throwing down in SB, Jess. Adfter a season there you’ll be a freaking monter Munieer–with your trials chops and all those awesome SB trails to train on. If I didn’t live in LA I’d ride there every day. I count myself blessed to be able to get up there most wekends. I trust Cal. Muni Weekend will rock – like you promised.

For folks planning on atending, understand there’s plently of moderate trails to ride in SB, every bit as awesome and scenic as the hard ones. For those planning on riding the advanced single tracks, I highly advise a KH or Profile hub. So far this year, Hans busted a Profile crank, Eyal a KH crank, and I’ve nearly bashed a Lyteryder frame to smithereens.


did i tell you that place rocks, or what?