Santa Barbara Ride photos

A few sb and la muniriders rode a trail in SB this last Saturday, here a couple of photos of the ride, thanks to John Long for taking the photos, (he’s still taking it easy because of a knee injury)





Strange hat that man is wearing in the second photo.

Nice looking country. All we’re looking at here (western Canada) is snow and more snow. And darn it’s been cold.

Yes. I envy you.

Great photos, looks like a fun ride!

The name of that trail is Saddle Rock and it’s a pretty continuous trials kind of gauntlet - steep, rocky, ledgey and narrow. Hard to clean - great to shoot.


nice pics and trail! i want to have summer …

Nice shots - looks like another perfect day up there!

Thanks for posting.

What a fantastic way to brighten up a slow morning at work.Look at some great muni photos and dream of being there.

I see Terry!!! great lookin shots.
good job…looks like alot of fun!

Haha yeah that was a scary drop…about 6’! :astonished:

Looks like crazy fun.

yay! nice pics fellas!

Touche’ All!

I miss it.:frowning: