Santa Barbara MUni

Fun ride at one of SB’s most technical trails. Wall to wall hikers on the ride, but got some good comments. :smiley:

A regular hikers meat-market on that trail!!!
Fun to hear a real California “awesome”.
Strong riding as usual Terry)))))))

Thanks Sean. I found out quickly that this trail is best ridden either during the week or late afternoon on weekends! :o

I find afternoons on weekends to be the worst for traffic. I like EARLY mornings. Everyone is still sleeping in and you beat the heat. :sunglasses:

Another great one Terry!!!
Speaking of more interesting lines, have you try the bits riders left @ 0:20, 0:33, and 0:40?

Your muni riding is so smooth looking. You really make it look easy. Some nice lines in there too.

Thanks Lewis. The late afternoon thing was a suggestion from an mtb guy who rides there a lot, but normally I would agree with you that it can be worse then! I got to the trail about 7:45am and was there for about 4+m hours. But there were lots of hikers from the moment I got there, and hardly any places to park.

Thanks. I’ve been trying to get better at consistently rolling the more technical stuff, with less stopping and hopping. And since I wasn’t doing any big drops, I was able to ride with with less psi in my tire, which helped a lot.

great vid terry i watch you ride and i think not only are you doing some hard trails but you are holding a camara as well im more than impressed i thought you were on the kh shin guards now

Thanks Rob, and welcome to the Uni forums! I switch between the 661’s and the KH to make them last longer. You picked up on the fact that the moving shot was me filming myself while riding. It was tricky holding the camera still with one hand, while my other was flailing about to maintain balance! And the GoPro is really great for shots like that with the super wide angle that fits so much in view. It looks like another person was in front of me maybe on a bike or running while filming, since you can’t see me holding it. :slight_smile:

Didn’t you say once you prefer the 4x4’s over the KH? Why was that, I can’t remember?

I think each have positives. The 661’s are lighter, and the back flap adds a bit more protection, blocks sun and prevents rubbing of straps against bare skin. The KH are built well, but are heavier, and the straps tend to rub blisters on the back of my legs, regardless of positioning, and also tend to move/slide around more than the 661’s. But I use both interchangeably.