Santa Barbara Muni (with pictures!)

Hi All!
Mike Scalisi and I drove down from the bay area to Santa Barbara to do some muni with the gang down there. It was AMAZING! The trails down there are some of the best that I have ever been on.

Check out the pictures (by Mike on my .mac homepage):

Saturday we did this insane trail called Saddle Rock (i’m wearing a red shirt on that day) – it is short, but has some of the rockiest and funnest stuff I’ve seen. You literally could hop down the whole thing, but the hardest challenge is to roll over everything. Sunday we did the Cold Springs trail; which involves a shuttle to the top of the mountain and 8 or so downhill miles of really fun and challenging riding.

California Muni Weekend is going to be a blast this year! Everyone should be sure to come.


It was a riot to have Corbin and Mike down for some riding.

Considering that neither guy had ridden much on super rocky terrain, they did an amazing job. Give Corbin another year and he’ll be one of the great ones.


Sorry I couldn’t make it. Great photo display, Corbin! Is that what you get with a .mac account? If I didn’t have so many pictures that would be all I needed.

Hi John,
Yeah, with .mac you can post photos (very easily – via iPhoto, or drag and drop to the iDisk). And iDisk is great – people can drop large files in there for me. .mac doesn’t have taht much space (like 200MB), but, if you compress photos, that could potentially be a lot. .mac also gives you “syncing” – you can sync your contacts (in address book), bookmarks in safari, and calendar items in iCal. It is way cool if you have multiple macs.


That is some great looking terrain. You guys are going to have quite a home-court advantage in those rocks at CMW. I am looking forward to it, painful as it may be.


Nice movie Eric. You back in California? Permanently or for a while? I am still in Indiana. School ends in 4 weeks!

Great photos, I love Santa Barbara’s trails and really wantto visit them some day.

Wow, somebody rode this set of stairs without hopping - - great effort!


Hi Andrew–

A perilous ethic’s evloved with the Santa Barbara crew: Try and roll everything. Hopping, especially trials type hopping, is considered a default technique. Of course big forward drops and roll outs are unavoidable here and there but stopping to side hop down ledges and so forth (which I often do and am constantly razzed for manifest cowardice)–or stopping at all-- is considered akin to snow plowing a downhill ski run, as opposed to tucking the whole enchilada. Naturally, there are more than a few wrecks every time out.

The guys are starting to roll over most anything, though on some sections–like those near vertical wood stairs (which I side hopped down)–it takes excessive “sack.”


Andrew – a perfect day to come visit would be the cal muni weekend :slight_smile:


Damn, you guys sound (and look) like you’d be awesome Rolling Trials competitors! I’d sure love to hear about, see, or possibly even participate in such a competition on the West Coast if you fellas were so inclined!

You’d all have an amazing time at Rays indoor MTB Park ( - which is where I held the “First Annual HCR Invitational” Rolling Trials competition. I hope you guys can make it to the 2nd Annual HCR Invitational at Rays this Winter.

I like your attitude :smiley: and only wish I was there to roll with you guys… on my Coker, of course! Looks like awsome riding!

Fantastic attitude! It makes for more enjoyable and more entertaining riding. :slight_smile: I’ve been working on this lately as well. Who’s that in the picture I linked to? Anyone here?

Sure, but give me at least 2-3 years to save up enough money. :slight_smile:

Difficulty levels in Santa Barbara

Hey, fellas! Glad to see people getting excited about the SB trails! Just want to clarify one thing for those of you who might be intimidated by the thought of a “rolling trials” trail. The trail that Corbin mentioned, Saddle Rock, as it stands, will NOT be a part of the 3-day muni weekend schedule. (Sorry Corbin!) The group decided that Saddle Rock wouldn’t give less experienced riders enough of a chance to ride. But trust me, we have PLENTY of other trails that will have enough variety for everyone. The technical riders will have lots of technical terrain to play with, and the less experienced will get their share of smooth sections.

For those of you who really want to see Saddle Rock anyway, we are thinking that the best thing for you to do is to come down on thursday. That way people who don’t want to do it won’t miss out on a weekend of fun. Note: A Thursday ride will NOT be an official part of muni weekend. If you want to do it, you’ll be on your own to arrange it. I am happy to supply directions, etc. Can’t wait!


The Santa Barbara riders all very much impressed me. I think people will like what’s in store for them Cal Muni Weekend 05. Eyal is an excellent host, and I am very thankful that he put us up and showed us around.

…It’s been a while since my legs were that sore on a Monday.

Andrew. I don’t remember his last name, but that is Hans in that picture.

The guy in that picture is Hans Van Koppen; I’m not sure if he posts here or not.


Don’t forget to send a write-up about this to Megan Kowalski and Alan Tepper the editors of On One Wheel. They need material! You can post it right here, of course, with their permission to use it.

Corbin, 200MB is great, but I’m a little beyond that. I think I have about 7GB of photos online at Ofoto and Smugmug… :roll_eyes:

What a nice situation to be in for the Santa Barbara guys, to have to decide which trails to not include in their weekend. Be sure to mark your calendars if you can make it there on October 14-16!

Who and what now? Are you talking about me? Did you post in the wrong thread again, Matt? Matt matt matt…

Cool pictures guys! I am green with envy! Why in the world did i move? haha

JL…SLICK ride man! Whend you pick that puppy up?

See you all at CMW!!! Woo!


Awsome pics! Looks like a great anaerobic workout. Ugh. Time to hit the stairmaster… and get a larger camelpack.

…so for those of us with UDC hubs on our Munis, how long can we expect these to last on the trails? It looks like the constant dropping / hopping could be quite abusive. I’ll definitely bring some backup cranks for CMW… unless anyone has a 170mm Profile hub/crankset they’re looking to offload :smiley: