Santa Barbara Muni Photos Dec 8-9, 2007

We had a great time down in Santa Barbara this weekend, riding two of our favorite trails, San Ysidro and Jesusita. It was perfect weather and a really great time. Thanks to everyone who rode for joining in and especially to Hans for his wonderful hospitality!

Here are some photos (and one tiny video clip): You can download the originals (or a variety of sizes) - just move the mouse over the photo and select the size, then Save As to your computer.


Those were nice to look at.

Wow- great photos, Nathan. Those trails look WAY fun.

wow…now really want to get a muni…that looks awesome! thanks for sharing!

What a blast, riding that trail with eleven others.

The girlz are getting good – every bit as skilled as the boyz for the most part, and that’s great to see. Beau is a monster and the general ability of everyone has risen several notches in the last few years. People are riding everything. Those trails got worked, not just ridden.

Glad to tag along.


Wow - Great photos, and write-ups. I would like to thank the dedicated photographer, who isn’t in any of the photos - Grace! I have one shot of her with her son Beau.

Thanks everyone, that was a lot of fun!


I had a BLAST riding with the group on Saturday, but couldn’t make it Sunday due to a previous riding commitment. Watching these amazing riders has given me a whole new outlook on what’s possible in MUni!

Thanks to Hans, Corbin, Eyal, Beau, Nathan, Louise, Julian, Chris and Pepper the Great Dane! One of the best times ever!:smiley:

Awesome pictures! It’s been too long since the last time I rode with you all in SB…

Yeah, totally fun! We’ll have to come down again sometime soon.


Those pictures were fantastic. thanks for sharing them

nice pics

Hey, I recognized a familiar face! (Hi Eyal!) We rode in Richmond VA earlier this year during tropical storm Barry!

Thanks for posting the pics!


Hey Steve and everyone. It was so great to have the Hoovers, Corbin, and Louise join us this weekend. Somehow, whenever they’re around, we ride better, we eat better, and we smell worse! (Those are all compliments.) Great pics too, especially considering that most of those trails were in shadow. As for the rest of you, don’t hesitate to come down during the holidays and ride with us.

Ok here’s the only (scant) video footage I was able to take videotape before my camera stopped working…AGAIN! :astonished: Not much but something.

Very cool. Thanks for the photos!

It was good to see what the Santa Barbara crowd has to work with. Wish I coulda been there.

Happy trails,

Those are awsome pictures!!!