Santa Barbara Muni Club

Found a few old shots of the folks when the SBMC was going great guns maybe five years ago. Lots of fun and lots of first descents - and great memories.

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If it weren’t for the Santa Barbara Muni Club, I would probably still be riding my MTB.
Thank you:)

Great photos! Loved every time I rode with you guys. Let’s all start riding again and keep the tradition going. I’m gonna go ride backbone/stunt trail or whatever it’s called near Malibu that starts off of Saddle Peak Rd. I only rode it once with most of the people in those photos. I live so close to it I don’t have to drive as I can literally just ride up Fernwood in Topanga. But it will be a long ride back once I get to the bottom of the trail…

Where exactly is this trail Jamey?