Santa Barbara Muni Club

From about 2003 to 2008, about a dozen of us were super active members of the informal SBMC. We’d meet most weekends and ride the legendary DH trails above the city and spilling down off the mouintains. These were big shuttle rides featuring some of the wildest, rocky DH single track in So Cal. Some of those trails, like Tunnel and Rattlesnake, took years of efforts before we could clean the entire mofo. Maybe once a month we’d take group trips to other areas like Iron Mountain in San Diego, Pratt Trail in Ojai, Suicide Connector and G Spot in Simi, and dozens of others areas, always trying after the FMD, or First Muni Descent. We even hiked up 10,000 foot plus Mt. Baldy and rode down. That kicked our ass but good.

It is impossible to imagine having much more fun then we had for that five or six year stretch. Sometime Mango and Jake would come up from San Diego or Kris Holm would join in when he was in Cal, or Nathan and Beau and others would drive down from up North. The Santa Barbara club was, in retrospect, probably the most active Muni group in the world at the time, and over the years, all the riders got very good at tech terrain. especially rolling.

But most of all we had a total blast together. I had these seldom viewed pics on my hard drive, just to recall the fun.

Muni on, amogos.

John Long

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I was hoping you we’re building up to some sort of goal of getting the action going again. I’m in Ventura and I need people to ride with. I know there are great trails in SB, but not really the sort of rides you do alone.

:DThanks for the flashback! Sadly, I’ve only been to the SB trails once, for CA MUni Weekend 2005. Would love to go back some time. Here’s my pictures from that weeekend.

How about a reunion? How about a loosely-organized 2013 CA MUni Weekend?

Local Motion

I caught the MUni bug too late for this group. I was excited when I saw google hits on a local group, then let down when I realized it wasn’t together anymore.

There is still local MUni action just north of Santa Barbara, up in SLO!