Santa Barbara CA Uni-riders?

I’ll be on vacation in Carpinteria during the week of July 11, and was wondering if any other unicyclists might want to get together. I’ve been riding for a few months off and on. Currently I’m riding a borrowed 24" muni and can ride several miles before I get totally worn out. My son rides a 20" trials uni and puts me to shame. We’d love to hang with some more experienced riders. I would especially like my son to get the chance to learn/be inspired by other riders.



If anyone near Santa Barbara wants to sell a 24" muni I’m looking…


If you haven’t seen this yet here’s my son riding…

Wow he’s good for three weeks!!

I’m in the SB area, just recovering from a knee injury so I’m a bit out of shape, but I like to ride really technical trails for the most part. Also I am starting school again this coming monday, so I may be a bit busy.