sandwich board help

hi, I need help making sandwich boards. all the ones I make are to short too skinny or flop over and not tall enough. I was wondering if anyone has some close up pics of some.


do you have the dimensions for that? that looks very nice.

twice as wide as high, i think we made 3 at 1ft, 1.5ft, and 2ft high (if it was straight up and down)

you can’t really see it, but there are holes drilled in the boards, and cord going between them to prevent them from opening up on you (which doubles as a nice carrying handle)

also wat kind of wood would be good to use?

ok cool. I would want 2 make at least 3 with varying heights so I could make a little portable trials course.

i think it was 3/4" plywood

cool thanks. If the hardware store is open on saturday ill try to convince my mom to let me go get some wood. my current trials course consistes of to things I can only crank grap on. also I couldnt really see in the picture but how do you connect the rope/string to the wood?


oh man. I mean sunday. I don’t think its open on sunday:( oh well I guess I can wait. :frowning:

what do you use to connect the rope to the plates?

also wat is an ideal angle for the plates to be at for them to be stable?

Look at or or whatever the website changed to.

you want to use a cord that does not stretch, the stuff we used stretches so we made several loops

oh ok i get it now. I drilled 2 holes and knotted the string at the end.

does anyone think a 30 deggree angle would be stable enough?
also do u still have that sandwich board in the pic?

same thing, this just looks a little cleaner.

we also trimmed the bottom of the boards out a bit so only 4 parts of the sandwich board touch the ground, as opposed to two long boards, this keeps it from wobbling on uneven ground

Thats how mine are, I have 2 holes on each board, one in each corner and I have 2 different ropes knotted at the ends.
For the angle, play with it when you get it built and then decide where you want it and tie your string according to that. You should be able to tell if you think it might fall over.

like this

thanks so much. ill try to get ahold of some wood if not on sunday then sometime next week.


oh yea, i convinced my mom to let me go 2 the hardware store today if i finish my homework, but i was wondering since i want to make multible sandwich boards with varying heights, a few big ones a few small ones ect, I was wondering if I should buy one giant piece of wood and cut it up, or lots of smaller peices. thanks


hardware stores (at least ehre) will typically cut them up for you if you buy a 8x4 sheet or two, make out teh calculations of your piece size before you go to the store