Sandwhich Boards

I’m going to be making some sandwhich boards tomorrow

The plan is to make 4 of them out of 1 sheet of plywood (4 foot by 8 foot I hope thats the standard size anyway) I am going to rip the board in hald and make each prop 2 feet wide. The plan is to make 2 24" 1 18" and 1 30" sides, use beefy door hindges 2 for each prop, attach 2x4’s to the top and then some small chain or static cord to keep them sturdy for when your hopping on them i was thinking of making them have a 1.5-2 foot base when opened fully.

For thoes of you that have made these in the past do you think that they are wide enough for stability when your on top of them and how far do you typically have your sandwhich boards open. I just guessed at all the measurements from what I have seen in Toronto and Motorama.


i d’ont own any, but i’m fairyly familiar with them. I think that a 1.5 foot base would be perfect, but it couldn’t hurt to make the base 2 ft, but make wure you compensate to get the right height, and make extra stong supports for the chain / rope, so that they d’ont pull out of the ply wood, because of the extra torgue, when you’re doing things like drops onto them.

I think 2 ft is the perfect width, and make sure to get the screws the right lenght. The ones i use have too long of screws, so they cut your hands/ gloves when you grab them from the inside.

Finally, i think some people have 2x4 reinforcements at the bottom, i’m not sure how necessary this is, but probably a good idea for the biggest one, since it will be the least stable.


We actually used some thin tubes smashed and drilled instead of rope. works great and they are rock solid. no shifting or rope stretching.

clearing up here, it was 1/2 electrical conduit, smashed just the ends (about 2 inches in) in a vice, and bent to the correct angle.


I have no idea what your talking about…

Max is saying that instead of using rope or chain, that he uses electrical conduit to support the bottom. They don’t fold up this way, but are really stable. I’ve included a pic with the conduit circled in red.



Ahh Gotcha,

I was thinking he used pipe to brace the boards, I thought it was a tad excessive.


What thickness should the boards be?


I think ours are 3/4" plywood, but I think on small ones it could be thinner. but I dont recommend using particle board at all, it flexes alot.

I made several boards after visiting the MONDO festival and being inspired by Max’s boards. For my personal use and for the use of those in our club I made a series in a progression of heights – from about 8” to about 26”. (Only one person around here can get to the highest board in only one leap but it looks impressive as they are all laid-out.) I used ¾” plywood and beefy hinges. I did not follow Max’s lead with the conduit not only because I found that the boards were plenty solid on the ground and also because they are SO much easier to transport if you can fold them and you have some wiggle-room on making adjustments. I used some old climbing rope that I had and adjusted the knots on the outside of the boards to adjust the base width. Ours are 24’ wide. I also put a coat of black paint on ours and spray painted the club’s initials on the side for PR purposes. The paint gets trashed every time a pedal slides down the side but they are easily repainted and you could not ask for a better PR shot. The club is scheduled for several demonstrations in the coming months and we are hoping for some press coverage.

backyard trials 1[1].jpg

Sorry, the boards that I made are 24" not 24’ wide - of course.

Making Sandwhich boards with out tools is hard

I have all the lumber cut, just need to find a drill so I can screw it all together.