sanding down front lip of CF seat...bad idea?

Hey everyone,

I am riding on a carbon fiber Miyata shaped CF seat and I am using a KH handle. The front lip of the seat base on the miyata is way bigger than on the KH so my handle does’t fit very well. There is a lot of room inbetween the handle and the base when I put it on so I have tried to shim it with washers but it still does not fit well. This is just a problem because the handle has to bend when I tighten it down and they usually flex after a while because of that.

So I was thinking, would it be a good idea to sand down the front lip of my base so the handle fits on better? I know the little CF shaving aren’t supposed to get all over me so what would be the best way of sanding a bunch off of it without getting any on me?

gloves, long sleeves, mask, and googles. and try to get direction of the shavings away from you.

wetsanding it.
use the same precautions, but get waterproof sandpaper and get it wet as you sand it, cleaning w/ a wet rag every once in a while.

Would more washers to shim it fix the problem?

Possibly, another problem was that not all the holes were alligned.

Instead of messing up my base even more I am getting a death grip handle from Scott without any holes so I can drill the handle to fit the holes in my base.

Now that will be a custom handle. :slight_smile:

I was curious because I’ve been considering putting a KH handle on one of my Miyata style CF seats. At least that combination will likely work with some fiddling.

I wouldnt sand it becuase then the dg handle will not fit as well. And then you will have the opposite problem when putting on the dg.

If all your holes are lined up and you put a bunch of washers it should work.

I drilled the front of my seat 3 different times; first when I got my reeder, then when I got a kinport then a kh so I had problems with some of my holes overlapping and some how not all the holes for the KH handle line up so the whole thing is a mess.

Once I get the deathgrip on there I think I can stop messing with my seat:o

Oh yeah, I’m not going to sand it. I made this thread before I knew I was getting the DG.

You know, getting the DG might not be such a great idea. When you got the reeder, you obviously thought it would be good, but then decided otherwise.

Frankly, I think the best thing to do would be to get a new CF base now that you know what you like, and not screw this one up. If that isn’t an option because of the $$$$, then… I’m not really sure what you would do.

Well it seems clear that you have your mind set on getting a DG, and then drilling that, but if you don’t, you might consider making a custom handle. You could use molded plastic, like the KH handle, but shape it however you wanted so you love the handle. Then drill it to fit your base.

I thought of that but it would be way harder than buying a DG.

It won’t have the same problems as a reeder. For grip, I love the reeder, it is very nice. For flatland it is not so nice to have a big metal hook sticking out of the front of your seat. I have had that pointy side hit me and it hurts really bad. Some people have said the DG has a similar feel to the reeder and if so then that will be really nice especially because it won’t cut me open when it hits me.

I definantly can’t buy a new base right now. If I got a new one then I would get a Wallis base but then I would need a new seat post. I don’t like heavy things so I would get the Thomson then my handle of choice would be the deathgrip and I really don’t want to spend $300 on parts to make my seat better.

This way will be good, the biggest problem with my base is that the holes are not lined up perfectly so with a handle that fits my base I won’t have any issues.

I agree that when you get a CF base you should already know what you want but it didnt happen like that. I loved the reeder but it was painful and then I got my kinports which I also loved but my first one snapped and the second one started to so I reinforced it but then it cracked anyway. At that point I already had 6 holes in the front of my base and I had to drill even more to put the kh on.

So yeah, I am done rambling.

Seems like the pointy part of the DG would do the same thing to you as the Reeder, but then again I’ve never tried either handle.

It curves more though. Getting hit with the reeder was literally getting a metal rod shoved into my leg.

I guess I will see when I get it. Evan has a DG that I have used shortly but I still don’t really know how it would feel because he has the lefty one and I use my right hand.

btw having worked with carbon fibre for a week with professionals, i can tell you that carbon fibre once fully induced with resin, really isnt that bad. I mean its better not to inhale it, and especially dont cut/sand it near computer parts (carbon conducts very well)

But it hasnt been proven as a risk, and well that concludes my post.