Sandals that you can unicycle in.

Maybe this has already been discovered, but heres a brilliant idea for unicycling sandals. Keen Sandals. Check them out at
I personally use this one : so enjoy and let me know what you think.

I like Keens because they have pretty good toe protection but I don’t have any. I’ve ridden in Chacos and Tevas both but they don’t offer enough ankle support for me. I’ve twisted my ankle badly a couple of times while riding so I usually don’t wear sandles.

i know a whole bunch of poeple who hike in those. you can walk in water and stuff and they will dry out really fast.

i would love to find a sandal with a flat sole like on bmx or skate shoes.
edit: i just realized. i’m wearing birkenstocks right now. they are flat soled. mine don’t have a strap behind the heel though. i need to check in to that.

simple take a old style converse shoe and modify it a.k.a grab so scissors

I’ve recently been discovering that I can ride my coker in comfort with my normal sandals. Basic ‘walking sandals’ type - two velcro straps over the top, and a heel strap. They are open-toe, but work fine, even with my plastic half-cup toeclips fitted. The sole sits against the toe-clip in front of my toes, and with the straps tightened nothing slides around. Got a good sandal tan coming along now.


You can unicycle in anything. The fact that a shoe is designed a certain way doesn’t make it a perfect unicycle show, the perfect unicycle shoe is what you enjoy riding in. I know a guy that rides his unicycle in bare feet, I have ridden pinned pedals in socks, shoes that I have chopped up so my toes can come out the front, slippers, recently in golf shoes, and the shoes that came with my prom tux. I normaly ride in skate shoes but really the only ones that affected my riding was when I was in socks because it hurt to jump.

From my personal experience with sandals I would say don’t ride in with open toes because one time I was riding(I was pretty good but still learning on distance) and my foot slipped and hit the ground at a weird angle. My toe nail on my big toe came up and it wasn’t a lot of fun. If you wear cheap sandals or almost any type, the bottom is softer than normal shoes and sharp pedals will slowly tear them but the ones built for hiking and rough activities would work pretty good I guess. It all depends on personal preference like mentioned before.