Sandal recommendations?

Hi all,

I’m heading to Africa soon and the uni’s coming with me :slight_smile: However, I’m reckoning (and have been told as much) that sandals are the only thing to wear on your feet given the heat. So does anyone from hotter lands have any suggestions / recommendations for good footwear for spiky pedals?


You can get SPD sandals. They might be OK:

Pesonally I’d take a decent pair of lightweight trainers or boots. I found sandals great for everyday wear but wore trainers for hiking or heading off the beaten track. Didn’t unicycle over there, though.

I have some Exus SPD sandals. I used to use SPD’s when I bicycled. I don’t have the cleats in them now. I rode my bicycle for a couple days of the GURAI(Great Unicycle Ride Accross Iowa) this summer, and wore the sandals with BMX pedals. They worked well on the bike, where I tend to center the balls of my feet on the pedal. When I unicycle, I usually have more of my arch centered on the pedal and the sandals didn’t flex enough to make my feet feel secure on the pedals. If you pedal with the balls of your feet on the pedal, I’d say go for it. Also, the Exus brand sandals are only $30 US if you can find them, but I don’t see them offered by many retailers.

later potaters… Mojoe

most hiking shops sell ‘all terrain sandals’, those might work?

I always like Teva’s for thier comfort, I also own a pair of North Face WaterRat sandles Both last for a long time and are ajustable to sinch on your foot nice and tight so they dont slip arround too much.

I’m no too sure about SPD sandals given the SDP compatable (i.e. trainers you have to cut a chuck out of the sole before you could clip them in) shoes I’ve tried before have been too stiff for this man’s liking.

I’ve just come across what look like the hot favourites (pun in-10-did) which are Salomon Habana Deluxe:

Straps round the back, toes covered and a rubbery sole that’s meant to be good for walking and should stick to pedals alright.

I’ll try and have a look-see at those Teva’s and North Face you mention Checkers.

Ta muckle (much) to one and all.

where in africa are u going to be?
if u r anywhere close to johannesburg, we have to get together

i uni in africa on a daily basis and use shoes or high-top boots
sandals i only use very rarely and usually not when i want to do anything serious, my feet slide around in them too much
futher north i can imagine it will be a different story

I’ll be about as far west as you can get in the Gambia which ain’t really nipping round for a coffee distance. It’s meant to be pretty flat (I’m sure to be thankful for that in the heat!) and very sandy which could prove interesting. Not to mention the suicidal drivers I’m told about :astonished:

I’ve got a great (but somewhat tenuous) family connection over with you so I’m hoping to make it over to your neck of the woods sometime… but I wouldn’t hold you breath. I’ll be sure and chap your door when I make it over :smiley:


Tevas might be good but be sure to get the ones with the neoprene lining to the straps. They are far more comfortable than the others. I’ve done some good hiking in mine; unfortunately I require orthotics otherwise I’d wear them more when hiking.