Sand riding?

With the summer coming up riding on beaches here becomes more and more prominent. By the time our family makes it over to the beach I should have a “Nimbus Trials”. Does anyone here have any experience as to what sand will do to a unicycle? Or any beach uni experiences?

sand isnt something you want to get in your bearings, and its hard to ride in thick, soft sand (on a 20" anyway)

I ride on all my unicycles either on a sand covered beach or a sand covered prom. I rinse the uni down after I have been riding on the beach and make sure I keep it well serviced.

In the warm weather I love riding along the edge of the sea.

shell island small.jpg

yes, riding on the beach is fun!

Looks like fun, but unfortunately most of the beaches down this way never really get hard enough to ride a uni on… its hard enough on a bike unless you have thickish tyres… all the weight on one wheel would make it near impossible down here:(

Generally, the hard-packed sand near the water is ridable on any fat-tire uni. Soft, dry sand, though, really requires a dedicated setup. I tried to ride a bunch of dry sand on a Gazz 26x3.0" tire, and got nowhere; then I tried it on a Surly Large Marge/Endomorph 26x3.7" setup, and on that setup am able to float over most of the dunes. It’s quite fun! You can ride downhill sand dunes on any uni, which is a lot of fun; it’s more like skiing than riding. Riding on flat sand takes a really fat tire at low pressure.

Sand isn’t great for your bearings, but who cares? Unicycle bearings are sealed, they still will generally work even if they get sand in them, and replacement bearings cost about $2. Enjoy.

Really? Which bearings are you referring to? Please tell me/us where to find these for 2 bucks a pop! I’d buy a bunch at once! :roll_eyes:

i id it on my old ebay uni did every thindg from riding down the dunes to riding in waist deep water trying to catch waves.
then to risne off i rode it into a pool
all great fun but tha uni is bugged

This place should have any bearing you need

Or at least the standard sizes. For instance the 20x42x12 mm used on 05 KH is 10/10 $. The 17 x 40 x 12 mm used on Torker lx and a million other square drive hubs are 10/10 $. Sealed pedal bearings are 20/10 $.

The ISIS 22x42 mm is a custom uni only size, as is the size used on Torker dx .
Terry is looking for the ISIS bearing, and as far as I know, only UDC or other uni shops carry them. There is no other non uni equipment that uses that size.

I ride in sand and sea weed all the time. I have found some nice shady shore trails that cut through the mangroves and there is even some kinda uphill sections for short stretches.

IMHO sand has no effect on the bearings, unless you have damaged the rubber bearing seals. Just don’t blast hard at the bearings with a hose or you may drive stuff past the seals with the water pressure. I try to avoid salt water in the sense that I never ride in the surf. If you are on vacation, I would say you could ride in the surf, but let all the air out and soak the whole uni in fresh water for a few hours before you head for home. Try not to leave salt inside the tire-rim and realize that a quick spray will not remove salt from spoke threads and tight spots.

Obviously a fat tire is best in sand. On my 24 x 3 some places are unridable when really dry, but not so hard if rain is still holding the sand together. It’s a fun challenge to try to power up the little sandy slopes with the back tire spinning.:slight_smile:

It’s to bad they made this thing in 20 instead of 24. I think a 24x5 would be a useful size for some people. The 20 " size makes it a bit of an odd orphan.


I’ve ridden on the beach before. Its fun, but painful if you UPd. Yeah, I did and got some pretty nice skin rashes for it…not to mention embarrassment of UPing in front of about 50 people. The sand isn’t as soft as you might think it is.

Oh, and be careful around rocks. I managed to ride thru a tiny stream, only to have the bottom wash away and got a nice bath, same with my uni.

…and yes, this was all the same day. it was the first, and last, time i rode on the beach.

i jump my KH into loose, soft sand about once a month. so long as you don’t get sand in the bearings commonly and give the uni a good rinse (or pressure washing at the car wash) it turns out fine.

i’ve done this process about 10 times. the uni is in disrepair for other reasons at the “moment”

Preasure wash makes a uni look new ! But it sucks

Sealed bearings will last for decades and give excellent performance. If you leave them alone. Careless use of a pressure washer will blow past the bearing seals.

I would say never pressure wash a uni. Most people are to ignorant to understand the damage that can be done.

Ride it in the surf all week. Then throw it in the pool and leave it there overnight. Don’t forget to flatten the tire, break the rim stick, and take the seat post off and throw it into the far side side of the pool. :smiley: