sand riding

i am going to the beach soon how hard is it to ride on the sand?

Depends on how packed it is. If the sand by the water is fairly firm, you can cruise on it as long as you keep moving fast enough to not sink in.

On loose sand, it’s quite hard to ride on anything narrower than an Endomorph. I once spent an hour trying to get a quarter mile in deep sand before I destroyed a crank and gave up. The next year, the Endomorph made it feasible to ride.

i ride my 36 on the beach all the time on the firm sand and it’s fine.

how hard is it on parts? i am deciding between 24dx and cheap sun

I’ve ridden my 26 MUni on loose beach sand before. It works relatively well.

Saltwater or salty sand will get into your bearings and can corrode on steel. Washing the uni after exposure to saltwater/air is highly recommended.

Beach sand can be ridden on, but if it’s really soft and loose most unicycles will be really difficult to ride on it. Even a fat MUni tire (not including the Endomorph) will have lots of trouble. But it’s doable.

The wet sand along the surf line is usually pretty rideable even with a 1.75" tire, but that’s also where you’ll pick up the most salt.

Beware of unicycles and sand dunes.

like alot of people have said its really what the sand is like.

Eh, sand dunes ain’t so bad:

Just when you think you’ve seen it all. . .

Prolly old news for veterans of the site but I thoroughly enjoyed that page and #27 gets my 1st place award, with glare ice honorable mention.


was this an (uni) event :thinking:
real lovely setup!!!

I love riding on the beach - most if I find some dune :roll_eyes:
as you see at my profil pic;)

That photo is from the Kinetic Sculpture Race (now known as the Kinetic Grand Championship) in Humboldt County, California, a three-day, 38-mile race over road, sand, and open water, for human-powered artistic vehicles. It’s not a uni event, but of course it had to be done on a unicycle.

You would love this event, Jogi, it’s a tinkerer’s paradise.

I rode my cheap Sun unicycle in sand about a year ago. You can see the sand is pretty well packed down in the picture. It did not damage the unicycle at all :), but I did not ride in it very long either.

Is the uni modded to float as well, is that what the box bit is for?:stuck_out_tongue:

The backpack contains an inflatable kayak.

The firm sand by the sea is fine, no troubles at all. The softer drier sand I couldn’t ride on at all (Duro Wildlife Leopard 24x3).

Don’t ride your uni into the sea, the saltwater will destroy your bearings and possibly your pedals too. I learned the hard way! :astonished: