San Francisco MUni?

Hey, so I’m visiting Concord, CA (near San francisco) and I was wondering if there are any good MUni trails near? Anyone know any?

Your timing was a little off. You just missed the biggest-ever gathering of unicyclists in California, July 10-17. MUni events were in Joaquim Miller Park in Oakland, which has some really great trails.

From Concord you can also access Tilden Park in Berkeley, Mt. Diablo in Danville, and Rockville Hills Park in Fairfield. Search on them for basic info; ask questions here afterward. :slight_smile:

Oh darn.


There are plenty of good trails around; our default place is in Oakland (Joaquin Miller Park), but there are good options in Marin, Santa Cruz, and other places around. What kind of riding do you do?

If you’re around this weekend I could put together a ride.

Well, I’m here until this Saturday. We visit uc berkley on sat and leave for LA. I mainly ride muni. I don’t know if I can be on a scheduled ride but ill definitely give the trails a try. Any good and technical trails you have in mind?


Joaquin Miller Park was used for the U Games competitions, and it has some good technical trails (particularly Cinderella and Chaparral). You can get the trail info off the U Games events page:

Or, if you’re in Concord you’re not far from Rockville Hills Park, which has great technical MUni.

Or, PM me about trails in Berkeley.