San Francisco Bay Riders?

Hey Everyone,

It’s been a few years since I’ve been on the forum. I’m moving to the San Francisco Bay area today, and was wondering who is riding out there?

If anyone is interested in riding, please e-mail me at


gimme 6 months…!! :smiley: I can’t wait! I’ll be there by mid June…

i maintain a muni/uni mailing list for the south bay (santa cruz, los gatos, cupertino), but sometimes we cross post things for the berkley area and/or san fran. feel free to join the list.


i will ride with you.
gimme a pm or myspace and ill give you my cell number.

Yeah, I live in Truckee but I still go to the bay a lot. Probably like once every month.

Where in the bay area? I live in SF proper, and do lots of technical muni and some trials when I get tired of the muni. There are lots of short muni and good trials in SF, and then tons of great muni in the east bay hills.

What style riding do you enjoy? If it’s cokering and the like, you might want to talk to Tom Holub or Nathan Hoover. And certainly join Corbin’s list. That’s where I post when I wanna do a big ride.

I’ll ride so long as I’m in the city (so, really only 2-3 months a year, due to school on the east coast).

And damn Joe, I watched your video, that’s some impressive riding. Too bad Kingsburg is 3 hours away from SF.