San Francisco (and Palo Alto) riders...

Hey Guys. I know this is late notice but tomorrow I plan on driving up to San Francisco and Palo Alto and staying for the weekend. I’m packing my muni and trials since i dont know what to expect. If any of you folks in the area are planning on riding saturday or sunday, i would love to join you. I’ll be staying in palo alto and won’t have too much internet access so if you could email me your phone number i think that would be easier to communicate with. My email address is

Bustin_the_Mango ( at ) hotmail (dot.) com

This is really spur of the moment so there is a slim chance it won’t work out. Hope it does though. It will be nice to meet some new people.

take care. -erik

ohh man. I was getting mighty close to the end of the 1st page. Heres a little ‘shameless bump’. Sorry to those of you that don’t really care.

I’m in SF, and I’d be down with a trials ride downtown sometime Sunday (or late Saturday). I might be able to get Mike Middleton out, too. Call me at (415) 648-9608. Mike’s reachable at (510) 541-8066 (cell phone). Hope to see ya.

Hope you see this. Leave me a message if you can’t recach me at home. If you leave a number I’ll call back.