San Fran MUni: Lombard Street to raise $ for the homeless

My family is organizing an event to raise money for the homeless in San Francisco, CA.

We have one day in San Francisco (we live in Denver, CO ), but we care about homeless people everywhere, and so we are thinking:

What: Unicycle down Lombard Street .

Who: Whoever will join us. At least three from my family, and we hope to get ~10 others.

Why: Unicycling is like the life of the homeless (in an abstract way); it is hard, full of unexpected curves/challenges, but in the end, a sense that adversity can be overcome, and that life can be a little better. Also, great way to contribute to a good cause.

When: Saturday, November 14th, 5PM , should take only about 10 minutes to get down, 20-30 minutes for entire activity.

Where: Start at top of Lombard Street

How: We will ride our unicycles from top to bottom.

Benefit: a)raise money- as a minimum we hope to raise $240 (3 unicyclists x 8 Lombard street curves x $10), depending upon number of other unicyclists and their willingness to participate, we hope to reach $1,000 by asking others to sponsor each of Lombard’s 8 “hard curves in life” at a level of your choice [$1($8), $5($40), $10($80), $100($800), $1,000($8,000) levels=total of 8 x pledged amounts, another $760 in all , b)raise awareness of homeless issues, c)get “well intentioned minds” together to have fun for a great event, d)get some press for crazy activity for good cause.

Pass this on to any San Fran unicyclists- I can be reached here or by email for more specifics,

Thanks. Andy