San Diego Uni Riders

Hi, I am trying to get together with some other unicyclists in San Diego! I would like to ultimately try to put together a fundraiser ride here! All unicyclists welcome of course, and anyone with any helpful input on any so-cal resources for putting together such an event!! My idea is to have it be an awareness raising event using the high profile nature of us unicyclists! I am wanting to do a Clean Ocean/No Butts type of theme!! As a uni-commuter who rides along the beaches of San Diego, I see literally hundreds of thousands of cigarette butts lying discarded on the street, sidewalk, landscaping, beaches, anywhere that people smokeā€¦there they are!!! Poison!!! I figure that, with all the attention that unicycle riders get, we should use that to try and make our world a better place!! Thanks!!!

Evan :)8):slight_smile: