San Diego riding friends

Just wanted to say hello and hopefully find some people in the San Diego, California area that ride unicycles.
I’ve been riding all of one month now and really enjoy it but have yet to see anybody on a unicycle or to have heard of anyone in this area who rides one.

I ride a 24" Torker, and I’m close to Level 1. Still have problems free mounting and as far as a “graceful dismount”, I fall off nicely but usually not on purpose. I’m not a kid (I’m over 40) but I’m not ready for a wheelchair either (too many wheels).

How about it San Diego? any riders out there?

Steve Anderson
Lakeside, California

Congrats on learning to ride a 24". No matter how good you get, it will be hard to beat that feeling a new uni rider gets when he thinks he has conquered the impossible. I envy you somewhat.

Here is a good way for you to find someone to ride with. Start here:

If you can’t find anyone to ride with in your area, but are willing to travel north (Long Beach), I’ll go riding with you .

There may be many riders in your area that do NOT view this newsgroup. Try their e-mails from the above site.

Enjoy your newfound talent.

Best regards

Scot Cooper

Thanks for the input Scot
I’ll give that a try.
Once I build up my stamina a little bit (I wear out real quick), I may take you up on your offer.

Hi Scot,

Congratulations on your uni-progress. Your stamina will come as you get more comfortable riding. I was in good shape when I first started to learn and I could workout for only 20 min. Now I can ride virtually all day. – within reason.

I have found the best way to find riding buddies is as was suggested by getting their e-mail addresses from the roster above. Using this method, I now have many close, personal friends from a 400 mile radius. Also, as you get more comfortable riding in public, people will come up to you and say how they used to ride or how they would like to learn to ride. I had some business-type cards printed with my unicycle e-mail address on it and phone number. Also, I frequented the same park so that people knew to find me there. Using the two methods above I now have an awesome network of , not only uni-buddies, but personal friends and their families.

Good luck keep workingon those uni-skills,