San Diego MUni Ride

We’ve got a group of people planning a ride for Sunday, May 16 at 1pm at Mission Trails Regional Park. We will have an intermediate level group for sure as well as beginner and advanced if there is interest. Even if you are just learning to ride, come on out and meet some other unicyclists.

We’ll be doing an out and back trail up Spring Canyon, which starts out as a gentle climb and gets steeper as you get farther up, so all abilities should be able to find their comfort zone. The advanced ride will tackle the railroad tie steps up Cowles Mountain and the beginners can ride the Grasslands loop.

Meet at the equestrian center parking lot off of Mast Blvd. and the 52 Freeway at 1pm. We’ll go somewhere nearby for food afterwards.

If you have questions or can’t make this ride but are interested in future rides, contact

Sounds like fun, but 1pm sure seems like a weird start time. I remember riding with the SD group years ago at Elfin Forest. Is your ride going to be near that trail, and how would the advanced ride trail compare to Elfin?

The only other trails I’ve ridden in the SD area are Iron Mtn and Noble canyon; both extremely technical and FUN! Iron mtn is an out/back, 3 miles to the summit, then you ride back down; Noble is a shuttle to the top, then about 11 miles of amazing and technical DH terrain back down. :smiley:

Hi Terry,

We met at Idyllwild a couple weeks ago. The 1pm start time was to accommodate some who could not make the morning. Mission Trails is about 30 minutes farther south than Elfin - off the 52 freeway. The Cowles Mtn. ride is as challenging as Elfin or more so, but we don’t have any other interest from the advanced group so we are thinking of keeping the group together so that Erik can see some old friends. I hope you will consider coming down anyway, but the ride won’t be anything like the technical challenge of Elfin Forest, Iron Mtn. or Noble. We’ll do 5-8 miles on gentle slopes with lots of baby-head rocks but no drops. I’m trying to work up to some of these harder rides, so maybe in the future we can have more people in the advanced group.

Take care,

San Diego Muni

I want to find some riders…i ride alone now, want some peeps to ride with!! Not sure my level, but not a beginner! 8) (x)–€



hey evan. What kind of riding do you do?

I’m a flake otherwise I’d offer to meet up with you. :roll_eyes:

These guys usually have something going on: