sample videos

I am thinking of getting a new digi cam or mini DV camcorder… if you have a digital camera just post a little movie sample and tell me what the brand is and the MP. and if using a mini dv camcorder tell me about it nad post a sample… cuz i am thinking of getting a 4MP digi cam and i want to see the typical quality of a 4 MP. thanks

oh yeah and tell me a good software for video editing or what u use… thanks

heres some software that I use, its super easy to use and can do lots o’ cool things with it, I’ll post a movie tomorrow when it’s light out again

Raw DV is too big to post online, same with most digicam videos. You’ll be getting a compressed version and that’s bad for comparisons.

This link will help you a lot:

what kind of camera u using??

its not much of a camera really, its some peice of crap from wal-mart that takes up to 7 min of film it onley takes 10 fps so it’s not great for slow-motion Here if you want to do some serious filming don’t bother with this