Same but different?

I would assume that the rubber on foss inner tubes would be the same as other “normal” inner tubes but the color and price doesn’t directly reflect that so my question is if I am to patch a pinhole leak in it would I use the same method and materials as a regular inner tube or is there some sort of difference? I bought a new one to replace it but considering how much they cost I’d like to try and patch the old one rather than toss it in the bin and have it for later use. Thanks!

UDC sells the patch kits for Foss tubes

As far as i know you cannot use a standard tube patch on them

The description says for the clear Foss tubes but my newer ones have been blue so i can only assume this patch kit will work with the newer blue tubes

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You can’t use a regular patch kit as these are made for butyl (regular) tubes. FOSS tubes are made of a different material, thus require a specific patch kit, but can be patched!

You can read about the different type of tubes, their pro and cons here:


Thank you guys so much for the info, most appreciated!

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