Sam Price Mountain Unicycling (Video)

Hi everyone I have just made my very first video mountain unicycling:D

I have been riding a couple of months, tell me what you think:)

Looks like extremely good progress for 2 months.:slight_smile:
Looking at your list of unis, I’m assuming you have much more experience in other styles of uni?


I don’t have much experience at all. i learned to ride last summer holiday as i was board and wanted a challenge but only learned to ride forwards about 50 feet on a old learner uni. when the holiday finished i stopped riding (about 9 months). until i saw a video of the Unigeezer doing muni a couple of months ago and thought i would give it a try so i bought the 26 nimbus muni then i got addicted and after two rides upgraded to the 24 nimbus oracle:D i have been working really hard this holiday to improve my riding and i am pleased with my progress that’s why i made the video :slight_smile:

the KH trials is my newest (about 2 weeks old) as i have decided to learn street/trials:D

+1 on the fast learning.

Nice video esp for a newb.

Thank you :):smiley:

I’m trying to remember how I was after a couple months of riding,… I think this is impressive, Keep it up! you’re going places!

Thank you, I hope I can get as good as you one day:):smiley:

I have been planning to make a street video for a while now, but it is so rainy and wet in the UK at the moment i have not been able to do it:(, but when it drys up i will make one.:slight_smile:

I would like to be jumping like you after my several muni years :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile: It took allot of practice and even more falls to get to where I am now