Sam La Hood - Street Unicycling - Jan to Apr 2012

New video in recognition of my mew sponsor UTV :slight_smile:

Awesome Sam! Congrats :smiley:

Best girl rider ever :smiley:
you progress so so fast! you got a really good style and flips…
but I guess you have a good mentor :roll_eyes:

Sick Sam! Such great filming, riding and editing :smiley: Realy nicely edited/filmed Chris! Such great creative riding too :smiley: Great to see the clips from the ride in Auckland.

Now on youtube:

Sam those late flips are as romantic as they get! The 180 late flips are legit! So glad that there are more girl riders out there going hard with street.

Excellent riding Sam. Hows the body after that little tumble at 35 seconds :astonished:

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Ive had worse falls than that :stuck_out_tongue: it wasnt great tho haha

Ok, but take care, we want to keep seeing your progress.

falling is progression :stuck_out_tongue: means im practising what i need to hahaha