Sam La Hood - Street Unicycling - 2011 (New female rider)

Sam worked really hard on this video so please leave a comment on what you like and don’t like, we welcome constructive critique!

You’ll be seeing lots of videos from this girl in the future, shes progressing fast.

URGH!!! Audio has been muted, I’m not making this public untill this is sorted out.


I’ll try have it on vimeo by tonight.

Yo, heres the video :smiley:

Kickass! That’s excellent riding, keep it up!

wow, her grinds are realy nice! love the creatif foot jam stuf

Nice video man :smiley: You can always see when a rider rides with Chris :stuck_out_tongue: Love your really creative style :smiley:
Nice riding, filming and edit! :slight_smile:

Thanks guys!! :smiley:

Yeah, hes an awesome as mentor!! Ive been motivated and learnt so much from him!! :slight_smile:

Riding with open hair … how does she do that, it’s inconceivable?

And a glide on a try-all, now I cannot even pretend that the awesome grip prevents me from doing it.

hahah i haaate tying up my hair :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

nice video :wink:

I get hair into my mouth if I wear it open. So I braid it.

Great video! The riding was really good and so was the filming!

really nice vid, I liked the riding and filming

WHAT?! Sam that was amazing :smiley: It’s really cool to see a girl ride such clean and creatives street :smiley: Especially one who is new! Keep riding with Chris, he’s good for you!

Loved the one arm hang at 4 seconds.

Lots of talent here.

Nice shoes too. :smiley:

Haha thanks heaps guys! :smiley:

muuuuu styl!!! i like the grind jump to blind and foot plant back flip out look cool and smooth just like all of the video sick job! and thanks for the shout out :stuck_out_tongue:

DONYOLL!! :smiley: thanks deedizzle!