Sam Goodburn - Profile

A 2 minute ‘profile’ of some of my tricks.

Sorry if it’s too juggly!

Good freestyle and nice juggling. I’ve never seen anyone juggle while 1-footed wheel walking. Pretty impressive.

Juggling while 1-footed wheel walking is relatively easy. However, juggling while standup wheel walking (like in the video) is another story. Great video and skills, Sam!

Whooaooaaattttt that’s sick as. Everything you do seems incredibly difficult. Awesome

That was amazing. I think your stand up wheel walking is steadier than my regular riding.

Actually, I can juggle and I can idle, but I am finding that doing both at the same time is really difficult at first. “Easy” is a very relative term…

I loved every single trick! :smiley:
Good to see UK is more than just Voodoo (I’m not hating on Voodoo)!
You combine, some really difficult freestyle tricks with juggling, which I think is amazing!

Sam, great riding. Can’t wait to see you in Brixen :slight_smile: