Salt Lake Tribune MMF report

Its pretty cool.

that was awesome!

I was in it too :slight_smile:


Lol nice spence you got hte opening shot, I did that same thing wit ha 540 unispin for the dew guys :smiley:

So, anybody find a link to the ‘Dew Report’ that they were filming?

I’m sure it will take them a while to edit and produce their footage.

I was in it! I was the second one who fell down the hill race!

Argginberger! they get me when I fall!

the mountain dew ppl are wierd…they are quick to talk,but slow to post stuff…i wana see my drop!!!

Lol I know, I did so much stuff for them and so lil for the other cams, I want to see one shot of me from this weekend :smiley:

I didn’t do anything for the cams, I usually tried to avoid it. In this one I was just doing stuff up on that rock because my mom wanted to take pictures of me and they happened to be there and filmed stuff.

The 10 seconds that will load on our slow hotel wireless looks awesome, but I’ll have to wait untill I can watch it at home… Dang.

Yeah, I doubt the Dew guys will be fast, they were supposedly only doing a 3 minute vid. They shot one heck of a lot of film.

yeah,but its still kinda nice having ppl who are stupid run up to you and being all"oh my gosh" thats soo huge…when really its only like 3feet…its funny to see their faces when you crash too,but after a while its annoying!!

I was one of the first pp they filmed at the park; I did a 4’ drop and some other stuff. I had my “Mountain Uni” shirt on, which they liked because of the Uni-modified “Mountain Dew” logo.

They also interviewed me a bit and then had me sign a release. What I did was pretty tame stuff compared to all you younger guys, so I’m sure my shirt and the fact that an old fart like me was doing drops and stuff caught their attention!

i was talking to the host guy and he said that they were going to some other events before they were going to make the final vid. they were going to go film stuff like drifting and a few other “rising” sports. depending on how spread out these events are we may have to wait a while.

oh well.

Drifting, like in cars? That’s one of the activities that was featured alongside unicycling in the debut episode of the Master of Champions TV show last year. If they also cover arrow-shooting-while-in-a-handstand we’ll know where they got their list of sports! :slight_smile:

Also when finished, don’t expect the film to be posted here (by them). If it’s intended for online, look for it on the Mountain Dew web site or something.