Salt Lake City

Hello to everybody from the international forum :slight_smile:
I am an austrian (M)UNI Cycler since 2.5 years.
My MUNI skills are not so high, but I like this sport very well and do my best :wink:

The reason why I start this thread:
I will stay few days in Salt Lake City from Nov 13 until Nov.17 for business.
On Monday,Thuesday or/and Wednesday (15. / 16. / 17. Nov.) I could spend my time with MUNI-cycling in that area.
But I don’t have any idea how and where to go and also have not my MUNI with me. :o

If there is someone out there who want to do a small ride, has a 2nd MUNI and time I would be happy to meet you. :sunglasses:

Normally I read and post in the german part of this forum. So some people will know me already.

Charly (another geezer :stuck_out_tongue: )

Looking forward to your visit.


I sent you a personal message, but wanted to let you know here that I would be happy to show you some our local Muni trails, and I think my friend will lend you his Muni.


UPD in Utah

Wow :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :D:D:D:D
We will clearify the rest by PM.

Charly, who shiver with anticipation

Hey SLC uni gals & guys (a.k.a. “SLUGS”)…

We will soon have the honor of riding with an INTERNATIONAL Muni guest in SLC. Charlie.Oldie is visiting from Austria on Monday & Tuesday (Nov. 15 & 16) and I’d like to get some folks together to ride with him & me.

I’m thinking of a 6-mile trail ride on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail above the city on one of the days and then goofing around (i.e., mellow street) Liberty Park the other day. I’m waiting to see the weather predictions to figure out which day for which ride. It would be nice to do the Muni when the trails have dried out a bit … stay tuned for details & schedule.

If any of y’all out there in Saltville or surroundings would like to join us, send me a PM with contact info or check back on this thread as the weekend draws near.


UPD in Utah

Monday afternoon?


It’s looking like Charly & I will try and hit the trails Monday afternoon, if it’s not raining too hard. I’m thinking it might be fun to ride Bonneville Shoreline trail up above the avenues … if it’s not too sloppy. I will be checking its condition today or tomorrow, and will post again when are plans are finalized. If it looks like it’s gonna be unridable, I was thinking of hitting Liberty Park instead.

Stay tuned…

UPD in Utah

Plans for Monday 11/15/2010

Well, I did a little reconnaissance this afternoon and found the Bonneville Shoreline Trail to be rideable – but that was before this last round of rain and snow.

At any rate, the plan is for Charly & me to head to the top of Terrace Hills Drive and hit the trail around 11:30 a.m. We plan on going up and East from TH Circle for an out & back. Join us if you can.

If it turns out to be totally unridable (or pouring rain), we may head to Liberty Park for some goofing around. And, I’m hoping we can do a little riding at Liberty around mid-day on Tuesday 11/16.

Join us if you can. Send me a PM w/ phone number if you want more info, or to find out the latest.

Should be a bit sloppy, but much of the trail is gravely, so I’m hoping it will be fun.


UPD in Utah